Precise Mortgages slashes rates

By Bridging Loan Directory -


Precise MortgagesPrecise Mortgages, the intermediary only lender, has reduced the price of its Home Owner mortgage rates by up to 1% and introduced a number of new features and benefits for borrowers.


  • Rates start from 2.99% for prime borrowers
  • Rates start from 3.49% from borrowers with historical adverse or a lower credit score
  • For borrowers with more recent adverse or have a near prime profile rates start from 4.74%
  • Fee free remortgage products are now available with prices starting from just 3.29%.  No valuation fee, no legal fees and no product fees
  • Selected products now have the additional features of Porting and ERC free capital repayments


The lender’s automated up and down cascading tool finds the cheapest product for the borrower’s circumstances meaning that if a borrower fails to qualify for the product applied for it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be declined.  If there is a product that the borrower qualifies for anywhere in the range the system will find it, saving the borrower and the broker time and effort.

Alan Cleary, Managing Director of Precise Mortgages said;

“Having Home Owner products that range from prime to near prime means we can cater for many more borrowers. This is our best Home Owner range so far and with the innovative up and down cascading brokers can let the system take the strain. ”

Visit for full details of the new product range.