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Alternative Bridging Corporation

Alternative Bridging Corporation

Alternative Bridging Corporation is a bridging and development finance lender, providing residential and commercial loans on a first or second charge basis.

With a 30-year track record, Alternative Bridging Corporation has an experienced and dedicated team of property finance professionals who have a first-hand understanding of what intermediaries and their clients need from a lender in this market.

Put simply, property finance is our business.

Our products include:

Commercial loans: for purchase, refinance, capital release and improvement of commercial property. Available to property investors, intermediaries and the business community.

For commercial bridging, we are happy to look at assets with short or multiple leases and consider owner-occupiers who need to quickly exit their current lender.

Residential loans, including regulated bridging: short term loans for homeowners, the property industry and business community. Loans to owner-occupiers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we are an approved regulated lender.

Development loans: individually structured development finance for acquisition, refinance, equity release and exit loans for residential and commercial projects, available to experienced property developers.

Development 90: Individually structured loans for residential and commercial projects, with loans available up to 90% of the site cost

Light Refurbishment Loans: Our Light Refurbishment Loan can be used on properties such as HMO’s, flats and student accommodation, and provides up to 70% of the improved value.

Heavy Refurbishment Loans: Our Heavy refurbishment Loan is suitable for structural reconfiguration and the extension of existing residential properties for which planning permission may be required.

Term loans: secure funding for up to five years. Structured to meet individual requirements for purchase, refinance, property improvement or working capital.

A flexible term loan secured by a first or second mortgage over commercial properties and residential investments or a second charge for homeowners.

Alternative Overdraft: A Flexible loan facility that enables investors to access funds on 24 hours’ notice, with the opportunity to draw, repay or reduce funds to match their needs.


Telephone: 020 8349 5190

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.alternativebridging.co.uk

Twitter: @ABC_Bridging

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Alternative Bridging Corporation FAQS


Who are Alternative Bridging Corporation and what do they do?

Alternative Bridging Corporation has been lending for nearly 30 years, providing bridging loans, term loans and development finance to the property industry, business community and homeowners. It also offers an innovative Alternative Overdraft facility that enables customers to draw down funds as and when they need them.

Alternative Bridging’s dedicated team of property finance professionals work collaboratively and efficiently to provide cost effective, flexible first and second charge loans secured on commercial and residential properties and property developments.

It lends to owner-occupiers, investors, developers and property traders, with both regulated and unregulated loans available to individuals, partnerships, limited companies and LLPs.

Alternative Bridging provides uncomplicated loans, swiftly and simply but is also able to resolve complex issues and meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Do Alternative Bridging Corporation offer bridging loans?

Yes, Alternative Bridging Corporation provides bridging loans, term loans and development finance to the property industry, business community and homeowners.

What do Alternative Bridging Corporation’s interest rates look like on bridging finance? 

Alternative Bridging Corporation offers competitive rates, coupled with a can-do attitude and dedication to excellent customer service.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Alternative Bridging Corporation?

Alternative Bridging Corporation lends to a variety of borrowers with different circumstances, but is particularly suited to the following:

  • Borrowers who are able to provide detailed information
  • Borrowers with a good track record but when problems happen, Alternative Bridging can help to put things right
  • Entrepreneurial spirited borrowers who have successfully done it before
  • Borrowers looking for loans over £150,000
  • Loans on private dwellings, ASTs and blocks of flats, student accommodation, shops, offices and factories
  • Locations where there are lots of chimney pots, but also country air and sea breezes
  • Borrowers with a defined exit strategy


How do I apply and how easy is the process?

Alternative Bridging is an experienced, dedicated group of property finance professionals. You can find out how to apply at www.alternativebridging.co.uk

How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

Every application is different, but Alternative Bridging Corporation is often able to agree applications and release funds within a matter of days.

Does Alternative Bridging Corporation do any specialist bridging options for things like property, business, etc?

Alternative Bridging Corporation has a range of bridging loans, term loans and development finance to the property industry, business community and homeowners. It also offers an innovative Alternative Overdraft facility that enables customers to draw down funds as and when they need them and this is a popular option amongst business owners.

What are the pros and/or cons of a bridging loan with Alternative Bridging Corporation?

Service is number one on the agenda for Alternative Bridging Corporation. Its Case Managers and Underwriters are fully trained and just a phone call away, while ongoing service is provided by experienced Asset Managers who will help you throughout the period of the loan, and afterwards if necessary.

With a short chain of command, as well as directors and executives all under one roof, Alternative Bridging makes swift decisions. It also embraces modern technology and has continued lending actively and efficiently for almost 30 years, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each proposal is reviewed individually and with empathy, with decisions by people not algorithms. When it cannot say “yes”, and sadly sometimes this is so, Alternative Bridging does so promptly. It uses clear and precise language, transparent terms and delivers on its commitments.

It has strong principles, believes in good governance and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) to provide regulated loans . Alternative Bridging is also a proud member of the industry’s main trade body, the Association of Short Term Lenders (“ASTL”) and patrons of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (“NACFB”).

Alternative Bridging Corporation Bridging Loan Reviews & Awards?

Alternative Bridging Corporate has a high Google Star Rating amongst its brokers and clients.  Along with 30 years of experience, flexible approach and exemplary customer service Alternative Bridging Corporation is the lender that finds solutions to deliver results.

Telephone:   020 8349 5190
Email Address:   [email protected]