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We are an institutionally funded, pension-fund owned lender. With our flexible, efficient and competitive approach to lending we help small businesses grow and prosper. We are currently lending about £200 million per annum.


  • Bridging loans;
  • Development loans;
  • Refurbishment and permitted development loans;
  • Business and working capital loans; and
  • Auction finance.

Loan Size

£250,000 to £25,000,000.

Loan Term

6 months to 3 years.

Interest Rates, Fees

  • From 0.55% PCM;
  • No early redemption fee after first half of term.


  • We also provide loans secured over real estate assets in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and France;
  • Pound sterling, euro and dollar
  • We also lend to entities in offshore jurisdictions (Channel Islands, BVI, Cayman Islands, etc.)


Most of our clients are active in the real estate, financial services, manufacturing, agri-food, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Trust and Integrity

We work closely with our borrowers to truly understand their business and offer guidance throughout the process to help them achieve their ambitions.  If our clients encounter difficulties on their projects, we work closely with them to find a resolution. As a result, we have never had to appoint receivers. There is nothing better than having successful borrowers returning to us for their next project.

Institutionally Funded, Pension-Fund Owned

We are backed by a very large funding pool and have very committed shareholders, ensuring we have a sustainable and robust business.

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020 3290 1933

Contact Details

[email protected]

London office:  +44 20 3290 1933

Netherlands office:  +31 30 320 0202

Website:  www.fiduciam.co.uk


Telephone:   020 3290 1933
Email Address:   [email protected]