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Holme Finance Bridging Solutions

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions. Not heard of us ? Then you may be surprised to know we have been advancing short term funds, via a limited panel of intermediaries, for over 15 years!

HFBS is primarily a family run lender managing wholly private funds on behalf of a number of wealthy individuals. We make no apology for our old fashioned methods preferring to discuss and agree a deal in a single phone call rather than relying on layers of documentation, individual underwriters and credit committees.

We differ in other ways. We do not advance the more complex deals allowing us to have a very simple, streamlined process which often involves no solicitors. We can complete quicker and with less cost to your client than any lender in the market. Here are some of our USP’s :

  • No solicitors required on either side in most cases
  • We issue full contracts day 1 allowing your client to consider the FULL terms before proceeding
  • 1st ,2nd and 3rd charges considered
  • Advances start at just £5,000 ( up to £250,000 )
  • We will lend even where first mortgagees consent is refused
  • We have no limitation on adverse
  • We consider all security including land, Btl , semi-commercial and commercial
  • No bias on geographical locations in England and Wales
  • Rates , including second charge from 0.95% month
  • No minimum valuation


Dakuni Limited has been incorporated over 40 years and has been involved in short term lending in excess of 20 years.

You could say we were a pioneer of the short term lending market! The two directors have been involved in financial services for a combined 83 years.

Dakuni Limited trades as Holme Finance Bridging Solutions ( HFBS ) and offers a genuinely unique , wholly privately funded and ethical range of short term bridging loans  to experienced and inexperienced borrowers alike.

We pride ourselves on having a transparent, straightforward charging structure with rates from just 0.95% month.

Our rates are not ‘discounted’ and we never charge higher rates even when an account goes beyond term / defaults.

Our rates may not be the cheapest but when arrangement fees are considered we are competetive with many lower headline rates

We will consider any legal title as security ( in England and Wales ) and our only requirements are that there is suitable security , the advance makes financial sense for the borrower and there is a sensible exit strategy .

We do not discriminate on low value property, poor credit or applicants age.

The simplest way to apply is to call us and have a chat this minimises the effort required and , as we know what we require, it enables us to give a decision within minutes.

Alternatively a simple email detailing the proposal sent to [email protected] would result in a similarly prompt response.

Most of our loans are completed without a valuation or solicitor involvement meaning costs are minimal and our loans are generally completed within  7-10 days of initial contact.

Apply now and we will advise you of our requirements day 1 however these are , like the rest of our process, made as simple as possible.

Generally an application form, completed contracts, proof of residency/identity and a buildings insurance policy for the security.

Our advances are simple. Advances from just £10,000 up to £300,000, Terms from 3 months to 18 months

So why are we unique? We are wholly privately funded therefore we, unlike many lenders, do not need ‘credit committee sign offs and are not restricted by the requirements of hedge fund or bank funding.

It is this unique funding model which allows us to advance from just £10,000, to lend on any value property (no minimum), to lend where poor credit may preclude a borrower from mainstream options, to lend on an equitable 1st, 2nd or 3rd charge basis, to lend without a valuation and to lend, in most cases, without costly time delaying solicitors involved.

Difficult to believe it can be this easy ? Visit our website www.hfbridging.co.uk and read our reviews. Still not convinced? Read our FAQ’s for more straight talking answers.

Bridging Simpler, quicker, cheaper.

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions FAQS


Who are Holme Finance Bridging Solutions and what do they do?

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions have been incorporated for over 40 years and have specialised in short term lending for over 20 years making them one of the very first to offer short term bridging loans outside of the high street banking sector.

Do Holme Finance Bridging Solutions offer bridging loans?

HFBS offer short term loans of 3 to 18 months secured by first, second and third legal mortgage over various title including residential, buy to let, commercial, semi commercial and land.

What do Holme Finance Bridging Solutions’ interest rates look like on bridging finance?

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions offer rates in the mid range however their fee structure is such that the overall cost is often very similar to some lenders with cheaper headline rates.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Holme Finance Bridging Solutions?

HFBS consider all applications regardless of credit / income status the only requirements being suitable security for the loan (most legal title is considered) and a sensible exit strategy.

How do I apply and how easy is the process?

HFBS are happy to deal directly with a borrower and would encourage an initial phone call 01724 865577 however an enquiry can also be made by detailing your requirements in an email [email protected]

Alternatively if you prefer an application form can be downloaded, completed, scanned and forwarded to [email protected] from the companies website www.hfbridging.co.uk

How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

HFBS have a very simple process and will discuss this in detail, without obligation, if contacted.

HFBS complete many applications without formal valuation or solicitor involvement and typically complete and transfer funds in 7 days.

Does Holme Finance Bridging Solutions do any specialist bridging options for things like property, business, etc?

No specialist bridging options just straightforward short term advances.

What are the pros and/or cons of a bridging loan with Holme Finance Bridging Solutions?

HFBS are unique in that they are privately funded and able to make immediate decisions. Loans start from just £10,000 (up to £300,000), terms from 3-18 months and they will consider lending where others would not such as low value securities or second / third charges where a current mortgagee refuses consent.

They are also super quick as many applications do not need to involve time consuming solicitors.

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions Bridging Loan Reviews & Awards if applicable

HFBS were,until recently, exclusively available through brokers and many testimonials are available at www.hfbridging.co.uk

Telephone:   01724 86 55 77
Email Address:   [email protected]