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At Roma, we are a lender less ordinary.

Our mission is to help our property investors create wealth from property. For 10 years we have been supporting intermediaries and their customers with their property projects including developments, conversions, refurbishments, auctions and renovations.

Our service and processes are focussed on communication and personalisation to give the best possible outcome for the customer. We are ‘less stress, more success’, offering a ‘People before Property’ underwriting policy and a personalised service throughout the life of each project.

Our Bridging Finance

  • Loans from £75,000 to £3 million
  • Lending in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Solutions for residential, mixed use, HMOs, semi-commercial and commercial
  • Bridge to Term options available for consistency in decision and security

Our Development Finance

  • Loans from £100,000 to £2 million
  • Up to 60% LTGDV
  • Lending in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Up to 6 newbuild dwellings in any one project.

The Perfect Exit Route

We offer a 5 year buy-to-let term product giving borrowers a guaranteed exit route for their bridging and development projects:

  • Standard buy-to-lets, HMOs, Holiday Lets and Serviced Accommodation
  • Non-standard construction and flats
  • No minimum ownership, income or experience
  • Top Slicing available
  • Lending in England and Wales

Lets talk. If you want to find out more please visit our website, contact us on 0161 817 7480 or email

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Who are Roma Finance and what do they do?

Established in 2010, Roma Finance is lending less ordinary. An all-encompassing specialist lender with a progressive range of lending solutions on standard to complex bridging, development and buy-to-let applications, focussed on supporting intermediaries and customers to help them achieve their property aspirations.

Roma Finance offers non-regulated finance up to £3 million and have operated successfully in the market for over ten years across residential investment and commercial properties throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

It also now offers RomaFLOW, their fast new bridging channel, designed to be speedy, straightforward and simple. By reducing the documentation required and aligning itself with the applicant’s goals, it has sped up the process for standard bridging cases, bringing them to completion much quicker than before.

Roma Finance are vastly experienced at providing bridging loans for every type of refurbishment level. Whether light, medium or heavy, choose their can-do approach and fast, flexible process. Roma has a highly competitive and unique offering on refurbishment as it uses cost of works as the benchmark to decide which level is required. An application that would be considered heavy refurbishment by one lender, could be light or medium with Roma, depending on how much as a percentage of the Current Market Value was spent on works.

In line with demand, Roma now offers a new commercial development finance product with rates starting from 1.00%, as well as commercial bridging finance with rates starting from 0.89% for semi-commercial and 1.00% for commercial.

Roma Finance is customer centric and wants to make the lending process smooth for borrowers as well as helping them create wealth from properties. The ‘customer for life’ proposition is a multi-stage solution to creating lifetime customers. It is a tailored solution and won’t be found on sourcing systems.

The key benefits for customers are:

  • The same valuer will value throughout each stage
  • Consistency of decision: the same valuer will remain on the project removing the refinance risk for the borrower
  • Dual rep on bridge to term
  • Lower fees all the way through
  • High LTVs
  • Release the equity created for the next project


Do Roma Finance offer bridging loans?

Yes. Roma Finance offers non-regulated bridging products for residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties – covering auction, conversion, developer exit, refurbishment and standard bridging.

What do Roma Finance’s interest rates look like on bridging finance?

Roma’s bridging finance interest rates start from 0.59% per month. Whilst competitive on rate, Roma prides itself on delivering certainty and exceptional service.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Roma Finance?

To get a bridging loan, borrowers will need to:

  • Go through the process of standard credit searches
  • Have at least 25% of the deposit – maximum LTV is 75%
  • Have a valid valuation


How do I apply and how easy is the process?

To apply, borrowers will need to sign an AIP (Agreement in Principle) document and complete an application form, along with providing supporting documents which includes the valuation along with legal fees.

Once these have been signed and provided, Roma Finance then carries out searches and a preliminary process. The application is then passed to underwriting – a very easy process.

How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

For structured, complex bridging cases, the application process will take between 4-12 weeks.

With the RomaFLOW bridging channel, the process is significantly quicker and can take between 2-4 weeks.

It all entirely depends on the facility needed and the circumstances.

Does Roma Finance do any specialist bridging options for things like property, business, etc?

Roma Finance operate with intelligent touch underwriting in order to look at every case individually.

What are the pros and/or cons of a bridging loan with Roma Finance?

Pros: Speed and ease. Intelligent touch underwriting. Service. Tailored service.

Roma Finance Bridging Loan Reviews & Awards 


Property Reporter – Best Bridging Lender 2020

NACFB Awards 2020 – Highly Commended – Development Lender of the Year

Bridging & Commercial Awards 2021 – Development Lender of the Year up to £10M – Highly Commended


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Feefo reviews –


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At Roma, we are a lender less ordinary.

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