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Aspen is a 100% equity funded lender, with their own secure funds, not reliant on third parties. Visit Website


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Aspen Bridging

About us:

Aspen is a 100% equity funded lender, with our own secure funds, not reliant on third parties.

We aim to offer the gold standard in rapid & high LTV bridging (up to 75%) at reasonable rates.

Aspen is an associate member of FIBA and a full member of the ASTL.

We work closely with our valued introducers to offer them a best in class service.


Our rapid process:

Quotes are in minutes, fully underwritten DIP’s in 3 hours, and we close deals in days.

All our underwriters are available directly by mobile.

Our experienced team and our online portal “Broker View” makes working with us quick and easy.

We have no DIP forms and we run all searches our end. We instruct legals and valuations in minutes.


Our offering:

  • 75% LTV Residential & 70% Commercial,
  • 70% LTV No valuation product
  • 1stcharge unregulated
  • 0.39% pcm right up to 75% LTV
  • Loans of £200k – £10m net
  • 10 – 18 month terms
  • Interest retained
  • England & Wales
  • UK & Foreign Applicants Accepted
  • All purpose bridges (including refurbishment)
  • Multiple draw-down loans – 0% non-utilisation charge


Don’t just take our word for it about high LTVs and rapid service…. seeing is believing…..

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Introducer testimonials on actual cases:


Michael Perry at Alexander Hall – “Dealing with Ian and Saif has been amazing. There was a number of challenges throughout the process and they kept myself and the client updated all the time and couldn’t have been more helpful. I’m looking forward to using Aspen again.”

Amir Din (UK Mortgage Specialists) – “Having built an excellent relationship with Aspen I trusted them with this auction case knowing that they would deliver in time for the borrower. Having a dedicated Underwriter from start-to-finish made the process really time efficient on such a time sensitive case.”

Kallem Brooks (Bond) – “When we presented the deal to Aspen in late December, we didn’t know how fast the lender could complete considering lockdown and the holiday period. Their desktop approach provided the perfect solution to our client’s urgent need to avoid costly penalty charges on their existing facility.  Aspen communicated effectively and we put a strategy and timeline in place to complete within seven working days. With no delays in the process we have a very happy client. We wouldn’t have been able to complete in this timeframe with any other lender.

Alex Vickery (Y3S) – “The client was in a very difficult position that required flexible and speedy service and Aspen Bridging Delivered. Multiple lenders were considered but none of them offered what Aspen did but more importantly they delivered.”

Callum Taylor (Enness) – “Aspen were efficient and effective at every turn. They were on site with a valuer within 24hrs of instruction, and always on hand to update myself and the client on the case. I would highly recommend Aspen to anyone thinking of doing business with them. Their standard service is a level above what I have come to expect from lenders I have worked with.”

Dave Fathers (F4B) – “This was a prime case for Aspen. With speed of the essence, we have an excellent strategic relationship with Jack and his team at Aspen and they produced again to complete this deal.”

Ian Battersby (ECS) – “Aspen were impressive from the start, they delivered what was promised and completed without any issues. All in all Aspen are a lot faster and more can-do than any other lenders I have dealt with.”

Asim Bashir (MM) – “Aspen is a dynamic vibrant company with an appetite to get the deal done as shown here!

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Aspen Bridging FAQs


Who are Aspen Bridging and what do they do?

Aspen Bridging Is a multi-award winning bridging lender offering bridging and light development loans of up to £10m across England and Wales.

Set-up in 2017, the business is a 100% subsidiary of S&U PLC, a majority family owned FTSE listed speciality lender with circa £300m in listed equity.

Do Aspen Bridging offer bridging loans?

Yes, first charge unregulated bridging finance for auction finance, commercial and semi-commercial, HMOs, light developments, light refurbishments and refinancing.

What do Aspen Bridging’s interest rates look like on bridging finance? 

Aspen always strive to be competitive, but most importantly the advertised rate is one that is available and not designed simply to drive applications.

The lender’s focus is on delivering excellent customer service together with a transparent pricing and quoting structure.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Aspen Bridging?

Every case is reviewed on its own merits and will always be assessed as such.

How do I apply and how easy is the process?

Aspen Bridging has both an online quote and submission portal. A dedicated underwriter will be allocated the case on day one and will see the application through to completion to ensure the quickest, best possible service for the customer.

How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

We aim to complete every application in under 10 days wherever possible.

Does Aspen Bridging do any specialist bridging options for things like property, business, etc?

We can lend in personal name, limited companies or offshore companies.

What are the pros and/or cons of a bridging loan with Aspen Bridging?

The pros of bridging is flexibility, speed and the personal touch. In addition I would describe our varied selection of bridging loans as transparent and innovative.

The con is that borrowers don’t usually understand the complexities that bridging finance sometimes requires, this can be compounded by bad advice and complicated further by convoluted lending terms which may contain hidden costs and penalties. This is why transparency is key.

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About Aspen Bridging

Aspen is a 100% equity funded lender, with their own secure funds, not reliant on third parties.

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