Hope Capital

Hope Capital provide bridging, refurbishment & development and specialist loans across residential, semi-commercial, commercial and land deals throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. Their fixed rates start from as little as 0.79%, with a maximum 80% LTV, on loans up to £5m. 

With over a decade in experience, Hope Capital provide a standard bridge option up to 18 months, as well as a 12-month bridge plus as 24-month term solution if required.  

Their Relationships Go Beyond Lending, and their team prides themselves on being quick, flexible, specialist and transparent. In a nutshell, Hope Capital stand out in the crowded bridging finance marketplace via their unparalleled offering: 

  • Hope Guarantee – Rates are fixed for the duration of the loan term  
  • LTV – Up to 80% LTV    
  • Competitive rates – From 0.79 %  
  • Range of valuation types – Including AVM/desktop valuations  
  • Loan size – £100k-£5m  
  • No upfront legal undertaking – On residential properties, up to £500k loan size  
  • 100% funding – Available with additional security via either 1st or 2nd charge  
  • No credit scoring – Decisions are based on individual merits  
  • Flexible payment options – Deducted or serviced, and part & part  
  • Applicant – UK, foreign nationals, ex-pats, individuals, Ltd companies, experienced and inexperienced developers  
  • Arrangement Fee – Flexible options available  
  • Enquiry – Aim to respond the same day  
  • AIP & Formal Terms – Issued extremely quickly 
  • Underwriter – Direct access to a decision maker  

Whether your client is looking for a standard bridge or something which can assist with a more complex or specialist case, Hope Capital’s experienced team will go the extra mile to deliver a solution. 

To find out more about Hope Capital call 0151 523 5998 or email: newdeals@hope-capital.co.uk.

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