Bridging Loan Directory publisher beats BBC women in media target


clara media bbc 50:50

As a publisher focused on covering finance and property I joined the BBC’s 50:50 project in order to highlight the extremely hardworking women who I know are achieving great things in the industries I cover, but who haven’t always got the public recognition or profiles they deserved in what have been traditionally ‘boys club’ sectors.

50:50 principles are at the very heart of everything we do at Clara Media. For the last 12 months we have pushed even harder to make sure we are giving a platform and voice to more diverse groups, purposefully but based on their own expertise. It was important to us not to make every article where we included female voices ‘female’ articles.

So, we have a fantastic Women in Finance section where we interview only women, from a range of roles far and wide across the specialist property and finance sectors, to get to know more about them as individuals, and raise their professional public profiles as valued, if not always previously highly visible, members of financial services.

But we have not just spoken to women about what it is like to be women in finance and property. In our ever growing In Focus section of short interviews, as well as across all types of features, we have spoken to female mortgage brokers about the trials and tribulations of being a mortgage broker in this crazy property market, female surveyors about how they became surveyors, women in sales just about sales, in the same media opportunities that are afforded to men to speak simply about their professions.

I’m pleased in the BBC’s 50:50 challenge month we achieved 51% in favour of women represented in the media on our site. It is a significant improvement on the 18% we were achieving before we started on our journey last year. Which just goes to show, there are of course women out there willing to be interviewed and featured in the financial media, given half the chance.

And we fully intend to keep giving women as many chances as they wish to appear in articles across Clara Media.

Tony Sanchez, founder, Clara Media