‘There are new opportunities every day but also new complex challenges to face’


Antonio Martin Fiduciam

In our latest Five Minute Interview, Tony Sanchez speaks to Antonio Martin, CFO at Fiduciam.

Fiduciam is an institutionally funded marketplace lender. It provides short-term loans secured over real estate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden, from £250k to £25m, for loan terms of six months to three years, both in pound sterling and in euro.

With its flexible, efficient and competitive approach to lending it helps small and medium sized businesses grow and prosper.

What is the best thing about being in the bridging and development finance business?

It is a fast-paced and constantly changing industry.

There are new opportunities every day but also new complex challenges to face.

Confronting these challenges is very thrilling, difficult sometimes, so when you finally achieve your goal, the feeling of accomplishment is great. It is the cherry on top of the cake!

What keeps you focused?

Working in this fast-paced environment is precisely what helps me to stay focused.

You always need to pay attention and stay alert to anticipate any situation that may come along your way.

Working with great professionals, as there are here at Fiduciam, makes things easier.

What qualities do you look for in your employees or colleagues?

I think there are three qualities that can help anyone succeed not only in the bridging/development finance business but also in any other personal endeavour.

The first one is organisation. Being organised can help you to be more efficient, which is especially important to stay on top of important matters in a fast-paced environment.

The second one is teamwork. Working as a team has an exponential effect on the results that can be achieved. It’s very important to know how to collaborate, when you need to step up and take responsibility and when to delegate.

And the final one is curiosity or professional scepticism. Don’t take anything for granted! Being curious is the first step. Keep asking yourself how you can improve things. There is always something that can be improved or done better.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

I am probably an optimist, a glass-half-full type of person. I believe that where there is a risk, there is an opportunity if you dig a little deeper!

What did you want to be as a child?

The first thing I remember is that I wanted to be was a footballer on Saturdays and a bullfighter on Sundays, having my own free time for the rest of the week.

A little later, I probably realised that my dream wasn’t feasible, so I changed my mind and got into Finance.

What will be the greatest challenge facing the bridging and development finance industry in the coming months?

It’s difficult to pick just one. We’ve seen many changes in the economy recently and all those will impact the industry over the next months: central banks raising interest rates, inflation and the rising cost of living, increased pressure on supply chains, etc.

All of these will deeply affect the demand side of the market. Lenders will have to adapt and respond to the pressure of increasing financing costs whilst being mindful that those who adapt faster may find many more opportunities.

Who or what makes you laugh?

Many things! I have an easy laugh. I enjoy many types of humour, especially wordplay, deadpan and absurd comedies.

Do you dread Monday mornings?

I don’t dread Monday mornings, but I prefer Fridays in general. People seem to be more relaxed and smile more.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would probably like to have the ability to fly. It could be a very useful skill for travelling, everyday commuting or just seeing things from a different perspective.

With whom would you most like to have dinner?

I love to have dinner with my family and friends. It’s always very nice to gather around the table for a meal.

If we are talking about celebrities, dinner with the Marx Brothers (especially Groucho, Chicco and Harpo) would be quite an experience.