The Five Minute Interview with Perry Kurash, Senior Executive New Business, BLG



Perry Kurash_Sen Exec New Bus_BLG_May14_sml colBusiness Lending Group is a privately owned lender established in 2003, who provide a flexible, focused and professionally delivered mezzanine/junior funding package to experienced home builders.

We speak to Senior Executive – New Business, Perry Kurash:

What is the best thing about being in the development finance business?

For me it’s meeting interesting people and being involved in something that literally changes the skyline.

I drive past an empty site with nothing there and a year later there are new houses, I like the fact that I played a small part in that.

What keeps you focussed?

A desire to always do the best I can for myself, my clients and my employers.  I keep focussed to be professional, the best I can be.

What qualities do you look for in your employees or colleagues?

I look for the same qualities that I have – professionalism, hard-work and enthusiasm. It’s not always about ability but there has to be a willingness to learn.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

I’m more of an optimist than a pessimist; I like to think I’m a realist.

What did you want to be as a child?

An adult!  And an airline pilot, I took some flying lessons and still have a wild fascination for planes.

What will be the greatest challenge facing the development finance industry in the coming months?

The danger of a property bubble and bust.  General finance liquidity. We should also be mindful of the Government’s view on Help to Buy; they are making noises about withdrawing it to calm house prices.

Plus there’s the probable rise in interest rates.  All of these are macro rather than micro issues.  Needless to say, BLG will be there to support developers and provide finance throughout these challenges.

Who or what makes you laugh?

I have a very zany sense of humour, I like Monty Python.

Do you dread Monday mornings?

No, not at all.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to be able to switch-off and worry less.  My mind is active which is great when needed but can make it difficult to relax.

With whom would you most like to have dinner?

Elton John or Paul McCartney, my musical heroes.