Propp launches Propp Portal: The one-stop shop for property investment


propp portal, the leading comparison site for specialist property finance has announced the launch of Propp Portal, designed to make it easy for investors to search properties on the market, and assess and analyse a potential deal all in one place.

The portal integrates seamlessly with Zoopla and HomeTrack to provide users with trusted insights and market leading functionalities.

Propp Portal has been designed with simplicity in mind. It automates much of the process by automatically pulling required information from the property listing into the valuation form and deal analyser, simplifying the assessment process for users.

Key features of Propp Portal include:

Property Search: Propp Portal uses the Zoopla API to display thousands of properties on the market that investors can save, value and analyse.

Free Valuations: Users can access unlimited free Hometack valuations, worth £20 directly within the portal interface, enabling them to assess potential market rent and property value of all properties under consideration.

Deal Analysis: Investors can evaluate yield and profit projections for a potential property easily, and save the results in their document portal for future reference.

Finance Comparison: The portal has been fully integrated with their comparison site to offer live specialist finance costs and rates while browsing properties.

Peter Williams, CEO said:

“As an investor myself, I have always been using an assortment of different tools to help me find and assess a deal, so we’ve built Propp Portal to bring all of these essential tools under one roof.”

Despite a flying start to the year, Propp shows no sign of slowing down.

Phase two of Propp Portal is already in development, which promises to deliver a virtual school where both experienced and aspiring investors can access fully-interactive seminars and network with a community of like-minded people.

“Some investor influencers on the scene charge an absolute fortune to teach hopeful investors the basics.

As investors, landlords and property finance experts ourselves; our knowledge and perspective is invaluable, and we’re able to offer our expertise at a fraction of the cost”, Peter added.

Ben Larkin, CTO said:

“Our mission when we launched our comparison site, in 2021 has always been to become the starting point for every property investment in the UK, and building this portal has launched us one step closer to realising that.”