Finanze launches online property academy


finanze success

Entrepreneurs will soon be able to build great businesses on the best foundations using the new platform Finanze Success – which offers people access to education, training and the “best brains in business” all in a single place for an affordable price.

Finanze Success – the latest innovation from bespoke finance firm Finanze Group – offers a low-cost membership scheme through which entrepreneurs can obtain essential information and communicate with professionals across finance, accounting and legal to give their ventures the greatest chance for growth.

From webinars to roundtables to training sessions and events, subscribers to Finanze Success can pick and choose which services are right for them – getting everything they need to boost their own business without wasting time or money which can now be dedicated towards developing their brand instead.

Finanze Success is a collaboration between Finanze Group founder Alastair Hoyne and training and education expert Patricia McGirr – who spent 15 years with the NHS before moving into property strategy where she offered financial guidance.

The duo recognised the need for education about what goes into creating a new business without the high fees – with aims to turn Finanze Success into a growing university for business owners.

Trish stated: “There is a lot of training available out there for business owners, but it’s in silos. For example, you might want to learn how to get started in property so you’d take a course – but often what’s missing is all the things you need to do on the financial side and what you need to do to make it happen.

“A lot of this education is also hugely expensive – and it doesn’t give you the tools you need to implement it in a practical way.

“We felt there was a need to close that gap. Finanze Success offers an all-in-one solution so you don’t have to go to a broker, then a solicitor, then a tax advisor, then work out how to get the funding.

We’ve put all these resources in one place – helping business owners get started at their own pace, in their own way, whilst accessing support tailored to their particular needs.

“We’re hoping this could be pretty transformational.”

Alastair added: “Finanze Success is a natural add-on to what the Finanze brand is all about: Ensuring clients have access to whatever it is they need to grow their business so they are ultimately successful, whatever that means for them.

“We’ve always been focused on serving clients as best as we can, and Finanze Success will give subscribers support in funding and how to successfully manage a business.

“It will make the process of growing a business so much simpler and easier.”