Exact Mortgage Servicing Gains More Intelligence



Exact, the mortgage servicing and asset management business has improved its mortgage servicing platform with the addition of real-time credit data. This equips its experienced collectors with access to live credit data and analytics, which enables them to review in real-time borrowers’ spending habits.

If a borrower claims that they can’t pay their mortgage, but are spending money on non-essential items, this can be discussed with the benefit of real-time credit data. The intelligence also facilitates the agreement of realistic and affordable repayment solutions whilst treating borrowers fairly.

Ian Lonergan, CEO of Exact commented:

“It is important that we invest in the best technology in order to improve our intelligence and expertise not only to help borrowers who find themselves in a difficult situation but also to protect our clients from arrears and ultimately losses.”

For further information visit www.exact.co.uk