Blane Perrotton launches dedicated project monitoring company


Blane Perrotton - Pride IMS

RICS multi-award-winning surveyor, Blane Perrotton, has announced the launch of Pride IMS, a boutique consultancy that, uniquely in the UK, will launch with a focus solely on project monitoring.

Pride IMS has set out to significantly raise the bar within project monitoring, a sector Perrotton feels is hugely overlooked within the wider surveying community. The company has decided to proactively steer away from the multi-disciplinary approach of other firms.

Over the last four years a panel of firms has been working in collaboration with RICS to create a new APC pathway focused exclusively on Independent Monitoring Surveying (IMS), also referred to as project monitoring. The intention is to materially improve the skillsets required to perform this key activity to a high standard.

Currently, the vast majority of project monitors are simply retrained quantity surveyors, who have no formal Independent Monitoring Surveying qualification to work towards or standards to adhere to.

Every employee at Pride IMS is a specialist and fully trained project monitor and the company, while having ambitious growth plans, will not be setting sales targets as it believes these can compromise the quality of the advice being given.

Blane Perrotton, pictured, Managing Director, Pride IMS, commented:

“With Pride IMS we’ve set out to create a company that reinvents risk management. Our message to lenders is that project monitoring is all we do and we believe we do it better than anyone else. We want to reassure them that the developments they are funding are being overseen by professionals with the correct technical competence and expertise to ensure a suitable exit is maintained.

Project monitoring is a sub-sector that I’ve always felt has been overlooked, the Cinderella of surveying if you like, and this is something I’ve been working closely with RICS to address in the form of a formal industry qualification. We’re essentially out to make project monitoring a lender’s first line of defence rather than its last — more important than ever in a world that has been reshaped by Covid-19.”