Yasin Patel and Shoaib Bux leave Arbuthnot Specialist Finance


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Arbuthnot Specialist Finance Directors, Yasin Patel and Shoaib Bux have decided to leave the business to pursue new opportunities.

Established in August 2018, Shoaib Bux and Yasin Patel led the division as joint Managing Directors, totaling 25 years’ experience in the specialist lending industry, having previously both been Divisional Directors at Amicus, in addition to launching Mayfair Bridging in 2007.

In May of this year, Arbuthnot Latham announced a record year of growth for its North West operations.

This included Arbuthnot’s Specialist Finance and Asset Based Lending businesses, which are also based in Manchester.

Stephen Fletcher, Deputy CEO, Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Ltd said:

“We would like to thank Yasin Patel and Shoaib Bux for all their work in helping launch Arbuthnot Specialist Finance Limited (ASFL).

They have played a key role in helping us get the business to where it is today. ASFL will continue under the management of Arbuthnot Latham, led on the ground by the Head of Sales, Matthew Anderson and Head of Operations, Amanda Lewis.

We wish Yasin and Shoaib every success in their future ventures.”

Yasin Patel and Shoaib Bux said:

“We want to thank Arbuthnot Latham for the opportunity to launch ASFL and for the continued support in driving the business forward.

It has been great working with a larger financial institution, adding to our already considerable experience in specialist finance.

It is a great company to be associated with and we wish the business and the broader Arbuthnot Latham family every success in the future.”