Willisia Recruitment aiming to put people first


Willisia Recruitment

Specialist recruitment firm Willisia Recruitment is promising to shake up the sector by “putting people first again”.

The Midlands based group, which specialises in recruiting roles for a range of positions across the property and financial services sector throughout the UK, wants to bring back the human element which it believes has been missing from the industry in recent times.

Founder and Head of Recruitment, Adam Massie, with over 10 years of experience in the sector having formerly held senior roles at the likes of key industry players such as City and Capital and KFS Recruitment, says it is creating a new breed of Financial Services recruitment consultancy.

He says he is achieving this by having a dedicated focus on its consultancy services and offering support to job seekers and recruiting firms alike with expert guidance and advice.

Massie recently told Bridging Loan Directory’s 5-minute interview that over the coming months the sector is going to be faced with a “heavily candidate driven market”.

This means that firms looking for sought after staff – most of whom are already in work – will have to use impressive “hooks and salaries” to make them sit up and take notice.

“In the past couple of years, it has become increasingly apparent that there is a huge gap in the recruitment sector, in which the quality and overall delivery of recruiters within the industry has fallen short of the mark,” Massie said.

“I am lucky to have worked with two of the biggest names in the Property and Lending sector, and through hours of analysis and feedback, I feel that we can add the missing pieces that are lacking.”