Propp launches CeMAP training academy programme


cemap training

After a period of sustained growth, Propp has decided to nurture its own talent by piloting an academy programme which kicked off yesterday.

The academy will take their first trainees all the way from basic classroom training through to CeMAP qualification.

Propp have designed the academy programme in collaboration with a government apprenticeship scheme so the new joiners will also benefit from working with a tutor and a work coach on a weekly basis to supplement the mentoring and education they will receive at Propp HQ.

Peter Williams, CEO said:

“This round of academy is just the first instalment of what we hope will become a continuous recruitment process.

Propp is expanding rapidly and it became clear quite quickly that our best option for sustaining this growth was to bring new blood into the industry.”

Paul Elliott, Managing Director added:

“We’re taking it back to basics for week 1 in the classroom. It’s important that our trainees have a solid foundation of basic knowledge before we supplement that with 1-1 mentoring and on the job training.

The wider industry has also responded enthusiastically to this initiative, we’ve had offers from a range of lenders to come in and deliver specialist and niche training too which we’re keen to take advantage of once everyone has grasped the basics.

The expertise that comes from our years of experience is our greatest asset, so we’re also keen to ensure our new recruits have plenty of access to the leadership team, who have over 60 years combined experience.

Above all else, ensuring every client continues to get the best possible advice is the priority.”

The team at Propp took an unconventional approach to recruiting these candidates by hosting an open evening which they branded a ‘huge success’.

Peter Williams, CEO concluded:

“By removing the need for experience and qualifications, a traditional interview process seemed redundant.

We just wanted to get to know people on an individual level and the open evening enabled us to see how the candidates mingled with the team, as well as giving them the chance to get a feel for the culture. We ended the night spoiled for choice.”

By the end of the programme, Propp hopes to have graduated all of the trainees to a full-time adviser role, having gained a wealth of learnings to apply to round 2 of the Academy.