Hope Capital introduces brand new role to streamline underwriting process


Laurel Livesey, Senior Underwriting Coordinator at Hope Capital (1)

Hope Capital has announced it has introduced a brand-new role to its underwriting department to help further improve its services, resulting in quicker turnaround times for brokers and borrowers.

Laurel Livesey joined Hope Capital at the beginning of 2023 as an underwriter and has now been appointed as Senior Underwriting Coordinator.

In her new role, Laurel will be responsible for supporting the increased levels of business volumes the lender is experiencing.

This includes working closely with the sales and underwriting departments to ensure everything is streamlined in-house, undergoing an initial check of any deals which will significantly speed up the process, as well as providing even more updates with brokers on the progress of cases.

Having a significant amount of experience in an underwriting role, Laurel is extremely well placed to identify and introduce processes which will add value to Hope Capital’s offering.

While only been in the new role for a short period of time, Laurel has already had a significant impact on the business, by establishing several new innovations to help improve operations.

A key example is introducing a brand-new Bot to the lender’s app, which helps the lender issue terms faster and removes the need of borrowers having to participate in unnecessary phone calls to provide information.

Laurel Livesey, Senior Underwriting Coordinator at Hope Capital, said:

“I am thrilled to have been offered this opportunity to get stuck into a new role, which enables me to use my experience as an underwriter to enhance our operations at Hope Capital.

We are as busy as ever, which is why there is a huge demand in the business for this new role.”

Laura Carr, Head of Underwriting at Hope Capital, commented:

“Laurel brings a wealth of experience, with a keen interest in further developing and enhancing our offering.

Not only will Laurel be a huge asset to the team, but she will also be playing a pivotal role in the legal process and therefore will be a great support to our stakeholder partners as well.”

Jonathan Sealey, CEO at Hope Capital, added:

“Laurel’s new role is part of our ambitious plans to bolster all of the divisions across Hope Capital.

As we take on more cases, it is essential we are best positioned to deliver an outstanding service to brokers and their clients.

Having talent on board, such as people with Laurel’s calibre, will ensure we can do this.”