Fiduciam grows its graduate programme in 2021



Fiduciam will hire ten graduates this year in an expansion of its graduate programme, bringing more new talent into the bridging industry.

This is an increase from the seven graduates Fiduciam took on last year, demonstrating the positive experience Fiduciam has had by hiring graduates.

The graduates will take on a wide range of roles, including case manager, operations analyst and software developer positions.

Fiduciam’s graduate positions are in London, Belfast and Hilversum (Netherlands). All positions are currently open for applications.

Fiduciam’s HR policy is based on a bottom-up approach, limiting lateral hiring from other firms, and instead growing and nurturing fresh talent into the bridging industry. This enables high achievers to grow as rapidly as they want to.

The graduate scheme is supported by Fiduciam’s multi-faceted training programme which consists of fifty modules, such as cashflow analysis, real estate valuation, legal documentation, credit analysis, etc.  Such bottom-up hiring approach allows Fiduciam to develop a strong corporate DNA and culture.

Fiduciam is a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter, and takes pride in its workforce diversity, with its employees coming from 17 different countries and speaking 21 languages.

Fiduciam’s graduate programme is about “on the job and in the office” training and coaching.

Unlike many other financial service providers, Fiduciam’s offices have remained open during the pandemic except for three months during the first lockdown.

Fiduciam strongly believes that office working promotes collaboration, higher productivity, better training, more employee engagement, proper work-life separation, more creativity and stronger organisational effectiveness.

Fiduciam is currently lending in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany and intends to venture into other countries in 2021.

Johan Groothaert, CEO says:

“We are very proud of our graduate programme as it has allowed talented individuals to shine and make rapid progress in their careers.

Indeed, entrepreneurial and dynamic financial services providers like ourselves are able to offer graduates much more responsibility and a more wide-ranging experience than what can be achieved at the banks and established asset managers.

One of the often-reported issues of the private lending and marketplace lending industry is that companies do not spend enough resources on attracting fresh talent and growing such talent, yet this new talent brings new perspectives and raises the bar for the entire industry.

We have seen very good results from this approach, with our operations team and our Spanish team being run by high achievers that joined Fiduciam only a few years ago as graduates.

Most of our underwriters also joined as graduates in case management roles.

I would like to offer all young graduates the same great experience I had when I joined the financial services industry.

There is nothing more important for long-term career prospects than a successful start when out of university.”