Female led brokerage embarks on unlocking £250bn from female entrepreneurs


Roxanne Goodman Female Founder Finance

Female Founder Finance, is a new female-led commercial finance boutique, providing female entrepreneurs access to the first wholly female circle of commercial financiers in the UK.

It has been launched by serial entrepreneurs, Roxanne Goodman, and Martine Catton.

Founder, Roxanne Goodman commented:

“As highlighted in The Rose Review, [The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship (publishing.service.gov.uk)] if women started and scaled business at the same rate as men, £250bn could be added to the UK economy.

We don’t think that’s just a nice idea—we believe it’s possible.”

Co-founder, Martine Catton explains:

“We are creating an ecosystem to help female founders succeed.

We have designed a platform to provide female entrepreneurs access to the same financial support as their male counterparts. Removing unconscious gender bias in the process”.

Studies show that 35% of women seeking funding have encountered gender bias from financiers.

Research also suggests that they often have to face more hurdles in the application process and are given fewer chances of finding financial support.

With 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs being female, the aim is to provide this sector with a new circle of female-only financial specialists who can combat these issues.

With a strategic end state of “when there is no longer a need for our services because gender bias is no more, our work here is complete”, Female Founder Finance aims to be an industry leader in providing resources for female founders and aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Roxanne and Martine are excited by this opportunity to be part of a movement that makes gender equality a reality for all British businesses when it comes to access to finance.