Central and Mercantile Trust appoints Business Development Manager


Harriet Merriman

Central and Mercantile Trust have expanded their field sales operations with the appointment of a new Business Development Manager.

Harriet Merriman has over 13 years’ experience in the financial services sector. She spent the first three years of her career at Loans Warehouse, working in various roles within new business, unsecured sales, secured sales and underwriting. She also gained her CeMAP qualification during her time at the distributor.

She subsequently joined Loans Engine in 2018, where she was new business sales adviser.

She joined Central and Mercantile Trust four years ago and during that time has worked in sales and underwriting, and most recently on the mortgage desk.

In her new role, Harriet will be covering the Southern region and will report to Maeve Ward, Director of Commercial Operations at Central and Mercantile Trust.

Harriet Merriman, Business Development Manager at Central and Mercantile Trust, commented:

“I am very pleased to have been appointed as a BDM. I’ve really enjoyed my time so far at Central and Mercantile Trust and can’t wait to get out into the field.

Brokers are key to our success and I will be ensuring that all intermediaries in the South of England get to know how our products and common sense approach to underwriting can meet the needs of their under-served clients.”

Maeve Ward, Director of Commercial Operations at Central and Mercantile Trust, added:

“Before entering the world of financial services, Harriet planned to become a paramedic which, as I got to know her, came as no surprise to me at all and she would have been very successful at it had she have continued down that path.

To be a paramedic requires long hours, dedication, good listening skills, being able to think on your feet and react quickly – characteristics that are not too dissimilar to that of a business development manager, which is why she was recognised as a natural fit for this role.

Progressing into the role of a BDM was a natural step in Harriet’s career progression.

She is a ball of energy, full of passion and drive for making a difference and will no doubt be embraced by the market.”