Avamore Capital expands sales team


Tirath Singh Avamore Capital

Leading development and bridging lender Avamore Capital has appointed Tirath Singh as regional originator for the Midlands.

Tirath joins Avamore ahead of a tranche of hires due to be announced across all departments.

He is the first of two additional originators joining the lender this year (working alongside Andreas Yianni and Adam Butler) and will be fundamental in helping Avamore drive towards its 2021 targets.

Tirath has come to Avamore after spending 3 years at Assetz Capital focused on property finance. His primary aim will be leveraging local relationships and knowledge to broaden Avamore’s coverage across the Midlands.

Tirath has strong experience in leading brokers and developers from initial enquiry through to completion and then working through the asset management process.

His detailed experience of moving a deal through the entire lending cycle will add a huge amount of value to the customer and aligns with Avamore’s service driven ethos.

Whilst Avamore’s originators are more heavily involved in the front end of the process, the lender prides itself on the level of knowledge every team member has on deal intricacies to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Tirath’s prior knowledge will allow him to take a long term and forward thinking view, acting as a second line of defence against any challenges the developer could experience post completion.

Tirath Singh, pictured, commented:

“I am joining Avamore at an incredibly interesting time. The market has renewed energy but, it’s really important to acknowledge that we aren’t in the same place we were pre-COVID.

That means we need to be responsive to what the market actually needs and remain solution driven in our output.

That’s the key point that stands out about Avamore and I am really looking forward to bringing interesting products and dynamic options to my broker partners.”

Nikolay Petkov, Principal, Avamore commented:

“Avamore has had a strong start to the year and we are really excited to see the value Tirath is going to add to the business.

Ensuring broader regional coverage has been on our agenda for a while now and so we’re delighted to have bought someone into the business that has strong local knowledge and relationships as well as a prior understanding of how to match projects with high potential to a lender’s credit appetite and parameters.

We look forward to seeing Tirath succeed at Avamore.”