Blend Network joins Bridging Loan Directory


Blend Network

Peer to Peer Lending platform Blend Network has become the latest development finance provider to join the Bridging Loan Directory.

Blend Network is a peer-to-peer property lending marketplace that connects lenders directly with borrowers and focuses on lending to established property developers in high-growth areas across the UK but outside London. Lenders can lend from £1,000 to property-secured loans and earn up to 15% p.a.

Since its official launch in January 2018, Blend Network has already lent close to £6m to 22 projects across Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North of England with an average fixed return above of 11.86% p.a.

Lenders can join for free and manage their loans through a user-friendly dashboard. Borrowers are double-vetted by both Blend Network and a sponsor before being listed on the Blend Network platform. In addition, Blend Network loans are only made against security to help ensure the protection of lender money in the default scenario.

Blend Network provides development loans to property developers across the UK.


  • Light refurb
  • HMO
  • Student accommodation
  • Office to Residential
  • Heavy refurb
  • Serviced apartments
  • New build


They don’t go through a tick-the-box exercise. If your project makes sense and you have the experience to deliver the project, they should be able to help. That said, here’s a quick overview of their property lending criteria:

Location: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

  • Loan size: £150k to £3m+
  • Loan-To-Value (LTV): Up to 75%
  • Loan-To-GDV (LTGDV): Up to 75%
  • Loan-To-Cost (LTC): Up to 90%
  • Build Costs: 100%
  • Term: 3-24 months
  • Rate: From 0.8% pcm
  • No Penalty for early repayments


They can lend more than traditional lenders both against the GDV and the total project cost. Blend Network can give you more flexibility and leverage.