Unlocking Innovation in Financing: Avamore Capital’s Journey


D'mitri Avamore Capital profile

Since our inception in 2015, Avamore Capital has been on a relentless mission to redefine the lending landscape.

We strive to be more than just a lender; we aim to be a catalyst for innovation in an ever-evolving market that never ceases to surprise us.

At Avamore, innovation is in our DNA, and we continually seek out untapped opportunities to empower developers in the face of real-time challenges.

In 2019, we were the first in the market to launch our groundbreaking ‘Finish & Exit’ product, now known as Part Complete Development (PCD).

This innovative solution was our response to the growing difficulties developers faced when seeking support for project extensions or refinances due to factors beyond their control.

Avamore’s PCD stepped in as a lifeline, providing developers with the necessary capital to complete their projects and exit successfully, even during challenging times.

It was a game-changer, and it exemplified our commitment to understanding and addressing market dynamics head-on.

Fast forward to 2021, and we introduced our Planning Flexibility Feature. We identified a pain point for developers who struggled to align their planning and funding needs simultaneously.

This feature offered an additional build facility to accommodate expected, enhanced, or modified planning on top of already permitted works.

With Avamore, developers could secure their development loan, and the build would be unlocked once planning was obtained.

This not only saved precious time but also spared borrowers the hassle of dealing with two sets of fees and two separate loan cycles. We were committed to making financing smoother, more efficient, and less cumbersome.

In 2023 we have taken this commitment even further by making great strides to identify emerging opportunities where the market is not well served.

We made a strategic move into the small to mid-sized operator space for Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) after seeing that mainstream banks weren’t addressing the demand in this sector adequately.

We stepped in to support experienced developers in converting existing properties into high-quality, student-ready housing.

With the student-to-bed ratio in the UK at 2.3:1, the demand for this product was undeniable.

Developers told us that there was an opportunity for the refurbishment of existing 1st generation PBSA stock along with the repurposing and retrofitting of existing office/commercial stock.

This fits perfectly with our extensive experience in heavy residential refurbishments and office-to-resi PD conversions.

Amid a backdrop of rising interest rates, we unveiled another product to support a greater portion of the market at a time when it’s most needed: Flexi-Term.

It was borne out of the need to provide borrowers with the flexibility of a bridge loan while ensuring the certainty of a longer-term solution.

We observed portfolio landlords struggling to refinance their current facilities in a market where term products were growing more restrictive.

Flexi-Term can step in as a much-needed solution, offering a maximum 36-month facility that bridges the gap between a bridge loan and a buy-to-let loan.

It also eliminates the need for a stress test, a usual requirement for many buy-to-let products, which is increasingly making term finance unviable.

At Avamore, our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We adapt and tailor our products to offer the best support to our clients when they need it most.

Our proactive and responsive approach ensures that brokers and developers are equipped with the tools they need.

At Avamore Capital, we’re not just financing your projects; we’re pioneering a new era of lending—one that’s defined by innovation and flexibility.

It’s through this dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering real solutions that we can say we’re doing what we’ve always done. Just better.