Mortgage Brain launches ground-breaking Mortgage Skill on Amazon Echo


Mark Lofthouse, CEO Mortgage Brain

Mortgage technology expert, Mortgage Brain, today announces the launch of the first ever UK ‘Mortgage Skill’ on Amazon Echo, enabling consumers to ask Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, to search for a mortgage and find their local mortgage adviser.

This ground-breaking use of mortgage data and technology allows consumers to ask Alexa to find them a mortgage to fit their needs. Alexa will ask a few questions and then search through over 10,000 mortgages and provide details of products that match their requirements.

As well as providing the headline product details verbally, Alexa will also send a summary of the top Fixed, Variable and Tracker mortgage results to the consumers’ Alexa app.

By giving Alexa a postcode – or using the one registered for the device – Alexa will search through thousands of mortgage advisers and provide the name and phone number of the nearest one, and send a list of up to 10 local advisers to the Alexa app.

Mark Lofthouse, pictured, CEO of Mortgage Brain, comments:

“We’re incredibly excited and very proud to announce the launch of the first ever UK Mortgage Skill on Amazon’s Echo devices.

“It’s a fantastic achievement to be the first UK mortgage technology company to develop a Skill to support consumers and drive business to mortgage advisers.

“This launch is part of a much bigger picture and strategy. It is the start of a consumer’s digital mortgage experience and, after this initial introduction, they can complete a fact find online and securely exchange documents and messages through The Key, our CRM system’s Client Portal. And that’s not the end of the story, as the advice process, product selection and application submission through to completion can be just as slick and efficient using our sourcing systems and application submission platform.”

This latest development is an extension of the highly successful UKMortgages lead generation suite. The App broke new ground five years ago when Mortgage Brain launched the first ever consumer mobile app that enabled consumers to search for a mortgage and find a local adviser.

Designed to promote advisers and mortgage products to consumers, UKMortgages has been used around two million times since its launch and delivered tens of thousands of new business leads to advisers.

“With this new Amazon Echo Mortgage Skill, consumers, for the first time, can carry out an initial mortgage search and enquiry process by asking Alexa”, adds Mark. “Users simply say the trigger words ‘Alexa, Open UKMortgages’ and Alexa takes it from there.

“This innovation will deliver real and tangible benefits to our family of Mortgage Brain customers and is a continued demonstration of the use of our APIs and web services which our customers have been using for many years.

“Yet again, we are leading the market in delivering the next generation of technology and digital solutions. We remain justifiably proud of our past, but clearly focused on the future.”