LendInvest Mortgages speeds up cases with no-signature applications


Sophie Mitchell-Charman (1)

LendInvest Mortgages, the UK’s leading platform for mortgages, announces the removal of the need for signed application declarations across its suite of Mortgage products.

This enhancement is available to brokers using the LendInvest Mortgages Portal for Residential, Buy-to-Let, and Bridging products.

By removing the signature requirement, brokers, underwriters, and case managers can now spend less time chasing signatures and more time supporting customers in securing the right mortgage when they need it.

Previously, deals couldn’t progress to underwriters without a signed application declaration from the customer, a step that could cause delays due to customers’ busy schedules.

With this improvement, the process moves directly from application to underwriting, significantly speeding up the timeline.

This change reflects LendInvest Mortgages’ commitment to leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring a smoother and faster mortgage application process.

Sophie Mitchell-Charman, Commercial Director at LendInvest, said:

“This is another small but impactful change we are offering brokers and their customers, that makes a big difference over the lifetime of an application, made possible by the technology in our Mortgages Portal.

The Portal exists to free up our experts to spend more time working directly with brokers to address the needs of their complex customers, and that’s just what we’re doing with this latest improvement.”