LendInvest Mortgages launches new residential mortgage criteria



LendInvest Mortgages, the UK’s leading platform for mortgages, has made a host of improvements to criteria for its Residential Mortgage suite, as it continues to adapt to an evolving market for homebuyer customers who may struggle to get a mortgage on the high street.

LendInvest will now consider up to 100% of additional income, including income from a second job in an unrelated field, in affordability calculations.

This adjustment acknowledges the financial realities of modern workers, allowing customers to demonstrate their full earning capacity.

Income from zero-hours contracts will be accepted as guaranteed income, provided there is a two-year history of receiving this income.

This change provides broader options for customers with variable work schedules.

Among the additional criteria changes, CIS contractors can now be treated as contractors rather than self-employed, title insurance is available on Scottish remortgage cases, and underwriters have more freedom to improve applicant credit tiers.

LendInvest Mortgages’ residential range includes bespoke support and specialist products for people who have multiple sources of income, are self employed, key workers or have complex credit histories.

Paula Mercer, Head of Sales at LendInvest, said:

“With today’s enhancements to our Residential Mortgage suite, we are actively transforming our offerings to cater to those often overlooked by traditional lenders.

Our expanded criteria for income consideration are designed to facilitate access to mortgages for a broader range of customers, particularly those who find their complex financial situations a barrier with high street lenders.

LendInvest is committed to being the reliable alternative, providing flexible and inclusive mortgage solutions tailored to the diverse needs of modern homeowners.”