LendInvest Mortgages launches new 90% LTV two year fixed mortgages


Paula Mercer LendInvest

LendInvest Mortgages, the UK’s leading platform for mortgages, has announced important changes to its Residential Mortgages product suite including new products and additional options on product fees.

LendInvest will now offer a 90% LTV two year fixed product, along with stretched LTIs up to 6.49x, which supports homeowners to borrow enough for their first home.

Borrowers will now also be offered the option to add the product fee to the total loan amount, further improving upfront affordability.

With specialist products for Key Workers, Qualified Professionals and borrowers who have experienced credit impairments, LendInvest’s Residential Mortgage range is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of homebuyers after a year which saw mortgage arrears increase and inflation put a pressure on household incomes.

Paula Mercer, Head of Sales at LendInvest Mortgages, said:

“Recognising the diverse needs of homebuyers, especially in a challenging economic environment, we’ve tailored our products to enhance affordability from the outset.

Today’s product launch benefits all of our homeowner customers, but especially first time buyers with smaller deposits.

We continue to evaluate and develop our comprehensive range with the goal of providing meaningful solutions for all homeowners.”