Castle Trust creates industry first AI quotation engine


Alex Upton

Castle Trust has launched the industry’s first quotation engine powered by artificial intelligence.  Brokers can now benefit from instant quotations, generated in real time by the engine for all first and second charge loans up to £750,000.

In addition to quoting rates, the algorithms behind the calculator also generate the maximum achievable loan size for a given transaction, cutting through some of the opacity traditionally seen in the industry.  It also offers functionality to generate rates for any blend of serviced and roll up interest, offering a vast range of solutions at the touch of a button.

Following many months of intensive research and development, the launch of the calculator heralds a new era for Castle Trust, with further technological innovation planned for later in the year.  Despite a shift towards automation, Castle Trust will continue to offer bespoke terms where required and the same flexible and commercial underwriting standards will be applied.

In addition to launching instant quotations for loans below £750,000, Castle Trust has streamlined its processes to deliver faster bespoke quotations on loans between £750,000 and £25m.

Alex Upton, pictured, Director of Sales at Castle Trust said:

“This is a huge leap forward for Castle Trust – our intermediary partners are already reaping the benefits.  Offering instant quotations is a new departure for us and reflects our desire to make our pricing both simpler and easier to access.

“We set out to create the first truly intelligent quotation engine in the industry, which reflects Castle Trust’s commitment to becoming a leading UK FinTech.  It has been very well received by the market – watch this space, there’s more to come.”