Amicus Commercial Mortgages completes first deal with Brightstar Financial


Rob Lankey Amicus

Amicus Commercial Mortgages announced its first completion with broker partner Brightstar Financial.

Based in Peterborough, Amicus Commercial Mortgages has adopted a new way of working with master brokers, who, as well as working their own network of introducers, help manage and process new applications on its behalf.

The deal will provide a total of £415,000 over a 20-year term to existing professional property owners; the deal enabling the refinancing of existing borrowing and capital for future purchases.  The advance is over a 20-year term on an interest only basis.

Rob Lankey, pictured, Managing Director of Amicus Commercial Mortgages, said:

“We are delighted to have completed our first deal with our specialist partner, Brightstar.  We decided at the outset to drive business via a small and select panel of broker partners and so I am delighted to be able to celebrate our first completion with such a highly admired and multi award-winning partner.  This is a great example of how effective teamwork delivers – in this case, we received the application on 11th April, offered 20 working days later and completed 26 working days after that.  It’s a great all-round result.

Rob Jupp, CEO at Brigststar said:

“We have just celebrated over £3bn of specialist mortgage originations and so it’s a great pleasure to have completed our first loan with Amicus.  Our stated mission is to lead the specialist sector, set new standards and offer the best solutions for our customers.  Amicus Commercial Mortgages have entered the sector with a fresh and dynamic approach to lending and with a highly motivated team – I am sure we will do great things with them and this, I am confident, is the first of many successful completions and happy customers.  I wish Rob and team all the best for their bright and continued future”.

Rob Lankey, commented:

“Our panel of brokers has been carefully chosen, representing years of close personal, trusted relationships and will be regularly reviewed and expanded with more high-quality brokers as needs dictate. Our objective is to make this new commercial mortgage business the best yet.”