4 reasons to join a bridging loan directory


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Thirty-six per cent of marketers say capturing buyer attention and trust is tricky, so if you’re struggling to get in front of the right people at the right time — you’re not alone.

When you’re not getting results, it’s easy to start investing in every marketing tactic to see what sticks. So you join multiple business directories but see little to no results; if this sounds like you, it could be because you’re marketing to a generic audience.

So what’s the answer? Specifically-targeted directories. As a bridging loan company, you’re trying to tap into the property developers who need to bridge the gap between buying and selling or renovating a property, individuals looking to buy their home quickly, or brokers working on behalf of their clients.

Here, we’re talking you through reasons why you should consider joining a bridging loan directory like ours and how it could benefit your business.

#1 Get in front of your target audience easily

You want your business to be seen by those looking to either find out more about bridging loans or those who are already positioned to apply for bridging finance. And that’s specifically the audience we seek to attract at BLD. Our site receives roughly 60,000 visitors a month — that’s a lot of eyes on your brand, but they’re the right eyes.

Why spend time and money searching for your target audience on third-party sites, expensive PPC campaigns, and listening to social conversations, when you can access the people you need immediately through a directory?

#2 Boost SEO visibility for your brand

Aside from attracting the right people to your brand, being positioned in a directory means taking full advantage of the increased SEO visibility you might not get elsewhere. We heavily invest in a targeted SEO strategy, making sure we’re visible for all related search queries audiences are searching to find answers to.

For a high-end SEO strategy, you can expect to pay upwards of £6,000 a month with an agency. But by taking advantage of our SEO visibility, there’s a chance to reduce the money you spend in this area.

We know not every visitor is ready to convert, and that’s why we’ve got a rich section of guides and articles to help educate audience members and direct them your way when they’re ready to research lending options.

#3 Increase trust in your brand

Customers want to work with brands they trust, so positioning your brand as trustworthy is crucial to building that initial connection. Alongside actively collecting and publicly responding to reviews and creating authentic and valuable content — being part of a reputable directory can help increase your trustworthiness.

At BLD, we only work alongside trustworthy UK lenders that have a good reputation in the field. The more reputable places you’re seen, the more trust you can build with your audience members — it’s as simple as that.

#4 Position yourself as an expert

As part of the directory listing packages, you have the opportunity to either create your own content or feature as experts in our guide content. This means you can share and reinforce your professional opinion to a large audience. Our guides are published in our resources section, shared numerous times on social media, and featured in our newsletter — which gets sent to our database of over 8,000 subscribers.

To gain further traction, you can share the content with your followers, helping you regularly position yourself as an industry expert.

What can BLD offer you?

We understand that marketing can drain budgets, so we offer four packages at BLD to suit every budget: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Case study

We’ll write a detailed case study to help you communicate your unique selling points.

  • Banner advertising

A great way to improve your brand visibility to our site visitors.

  • Newsletter banner advertising

Our newsletter goes out to a database of 8,000 users.

  • Feature article

Both our guide and news sections are very popular with our users, you can be featured in an article that you write yourself, or we can feature you in our expert guides or news stories.

  • Social media coverage

We’re very active on social media, particularly LinkedIn. We share all our guides, articles and features with our almost 20,000-user strong social network.

Want to learn more? Read more about advertising with us here.