Glenhawk bridging loans

Who are Glenhawk and what do they do?

Glenhawk was incorporated in 2017 and was conceived by entrepreneur and experienced property developer Guy Harrington with the aim to bring something new to the bridging sector. Guy has been able to attract some of the most talented professionals in the industry committed to providing the values of Glenhawk; ‘Honesty’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Service’

Glenhawk is a principal lender, who provide swift, competitive short-term property finance, allowing clients to realise opportunities and progress developments. Loans typically range from £150,000 to £5 million, spanning the residential and commercial sectors

With a senior leadership team deeply entrenched in the real estate and financial sectors, we have a unique understanding of our clients’ challenges and offer a simple, flexible approach that makes us the long-term partner of choice for short-term property finance.

Do Glenhawk offer bridging loans?

Glenhawk offer a range of bridging loan products that can suit your financing requirements across unregulated and regulated finance, from residential and to 2nd charge and commercial to refurbishment. Like any short term financial solution, they serve as a simple interim loan that can cover the first steps of financing a property.

What do Glenhawk’s interest rates look like on bridging finance? 

With rates starting at 0.65% on unregulated, and from 0.55% for regulated Glenhawk’s rates are competitive with the market.

With no exit fees Glenhawk want to make sure you are aware of the costs up front.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Glenhawk?

Service is key and the Glenhawk team are set up to provide swift terms, with a competitive credit backed rate that will be secured from outset.

All cases are commercially underwritten by the experienced team and you will have a dedicated contact to talk you through the application, and they will process the case through to completion with the Glenhawk panel of lawyers.

How do I apply and how easy is the process?

Submit an enquiry to your dedicated Business Development Manager, or email the enquiry to who will be on hand to assist you with your short term finance needs.

How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

Glenhawk offer one of the most efficient processes in the industry, from the speed of terms to the communication throughout the application process. Glenhawk are constantly reviewing processes to intergrate technology that will reduce the time of application to completion.

Glenhawk work with the very best surveyors and legal firms in the industry, with the speed of application being controlled by the applicant themselves.

Does Glenhawk do any specialist bridging options for things like property, business, etc?

Glenhawk will consider bridging against unusual and uninhabitable assets, ad can offer refurbishment loans up to 75% loan to gross development value.

In addition, Glenhawk can provide a bridging solution to clients who have an impacted credit history,

What are the pros and/or cons of a bridging loan with Glenhawk?

Glenhawk with their extensively experienced team want to build long lasting relationships with their introducers, so will make sure the finance is suitable from outset and making sure the client is able to exit from the short term requirement.

What is the Bridging Loan Directory?

The Bridging Loan Directory is here to help you find the best alternative finance provider for your bridging finance. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased financial guidance for property developers. We’ve got an entire guide section for you to sift through at your leisure, so if you want to learn more about bridging loan interest rates or you need the latest information on Section 24, head over to our guide section.