F4B Network introduces free admin support package


Steve Swyny, Head of Sales at F4B

The F4B Network has introduced a free admin support package for its ARs. The aim of this initiative is to allow ARs to dedicate a greater proportion of their time to client engagement and generating more business.

The F4B Network will provide full admin support for its AR’s at no additional cost. ARs of the firm will still need to complete the fact find, the Decision in Principle and submit the application to the chosen lender.

Once this is done, the F4B Network admin team will then pick up the case from this point and manage the process through to completion.

Since its launch in February 2021, the F4B Network has developed relationships with a host of lenders in its ongoing quest to meet the ever-changing needs of its growing adviser community.

The F4B network will continue to assemble a wide-ranging lending panel consisting of mainstream, buy-to-let, specialist and short-term finance lenders, plus an array of protection and GI providers.

This free admin support is included alongside full compliance support and a tech package consisting of features such as remote file checking, CRM system, research tools and comprehensive PI insurance.

Steve Swyny, Commercial Director at F4B Network, commented:

“The rationale behind the F4B Network is to offer a range of solutions which ensure that our ARs are maximising their client-facing time and generating additional business opportunities as a result.

Our comprehensive admin support offering will certainly free up more time for brokers to do just this.

Whether DA’s are looking to take a step back from onerous admin commitments or AR’s are seeking admin support which doesn’t come at an extra cost, it’s important for brokers to carefully weigh up their options and ask themselves where they really want to be spending the majority of their time.

Is it on admin or is it engaging with more clients? And this is certainly something they need to consider when looking at their DA/network options now, and in the future.”