Love is in the air… For bridging loans



Roses are red, violets are blue. We adore our bridging lenders… and we love their loans too!

Yes, it’s that rose-scented time of the year when we all go misty-eyed and weak at the knees for our special people.

This February 14th, we’re asking some of the top movers and shakers in our industry to unveil what they truly, truly love about bridging finance.

Time to get those cards ready and run to the florist… Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s answers.

Valentine’s Grinch

Valentine’s Grinch Simon Pollins, CEO of The Mezz Lender kicks things off with this cautionary love story. “A bridging loan is like a marriage – it is exciting at first and the relationship is full of promise”, he begins. “But after a while the communication stops and if it ends in divorce then you are paying for it for the rest of your life!” Ouch!

Everyone’s got a type…

Bringing us back to a happy place is Founder and Chair of Open Property Data Association, Maria Harris. “I love how flexible bridging finance is”, she proclaims. “It helps all types of customers for lots of weird, wonderful or everyday reasons”.

Seduction on Speed Dial

What would MS Lending Group’s Head of Marketing and Partnerships Alexandra Stratton write on her Valentine’s card? “A quickie isn’t a bad thing!”, she pings back. We adore her.

Whirlwind romance

As well as being Director of DevBrok and Non-executive Director of AssetStone, Dave Symondson is a secret romantic, with a talent for wordplay. For him, bridging loans present a “Fast and flexible property solution which can only make your heart grow fonder”. Oh Dave. Can we get that printed on a t-shirt?

Mills and Boon Moments

We reached out to Market Financial Solutions for their Valentine’s message and got a love story back! Settle in for this Hollywood-quality scene.

“The thing I love about bridging loans is how they can provide a sense of optimism for borrowers, even in the most challenging of markets”, begins Executive Director, Tiba Raja, “With bridging, there’s no need for property investors to wait by the phone – longing, hoping, maybe even praying for a call”.

Picture it. A panic-stricken bidder, damp with adrenaline, clinging to a handset. Then. Relief. Sighs. Tears of joy as the bridging lender picks up and saves the day.

“We would never leave our borrowers worrying if they said something wrong, or it wasn’t the right fit”, cries Tiba with passion (we imagine).

“Forget waiting three days to call, we’ll be in touch within mere hours! Bridging is all about finding ways to innovate and deliver funding. Relationships should be built on trust, and we embrace that through thick and thin!”. Tiba, have you ever considered a career as a romantic novelist?

Practical and Passionate

In stark contrast, Avamore Capital’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Adam Butler ditches flowery verses in favour of practicalities. But the passion is certainly no less real.

I love bridging, as in difficult markets like the particularly hard one we have just been going through, they provide an alternative solution where more traditional term debt is not available”, Adam reels off like an anchorman on the 10 o’clock news.

“Moreover, in a market where developments are taking longer to build and sell, they can provide valuable extra time to complete the strategy without the client incurring costly default fees”.

With this kind of efficiency, we’d expect a card, dinner and formal proposal from Adam by midnight.

Love and Loyalty

Where, oh WHERE would the industry be without its faithful clients? We reached out to Gen-Z customer, Leon Kennedy to discover what makes him go weak at the knees for bridging loans.

“I think it’s amazing that as you build up a good track record this is often rewarded in future rates and loan-to-values offered”, he writes back. “Especially if you stay loyal to a lender”. Yes Leon!

Conversations, not chat-up lines

Some people love the chase. The dates. The groundwork. One such romantic is the Commerical Director of Roma Finance Michael Allison.

“I love that for a bridging loan to work they rely on the art of conversation and listening”, he elaborates.

Communication is paramount to ensure all parties in the relationship know where they stand and what is expected of them. Great relationships require effort”.

Expect to find Michael in a candle-lit corner with some good wine and world-class banter.

Dancefloor Saviour

Have you ever found yourself in the cringey situation of being involuntarily alone on the dance floor?

One minute your doing the twist with your buddies and the next, you’re awkwardly doing a slow dance for one?

Here to save the day is disco hero Jon Stugess, Sales Development Director of TAB.

Bridging lending is like the flash mob of the financial world. It swoops in when you least expect it, waltzes you through the paperwork, and before you know it, you’re dancing with the funds you need”, he elaborates.

Need to tango with a property purchase or cha-cha-cha through a renovation?

Bridging lending is your versatile dance partner, stepping in with smooth moves for various financial needs”.

Next time we’re heading off to a club, we’ll give you a call Jon!

Passionate Pickles

Woah now! This next cheeky commentator nearly got himself in a romantic rut. Unpickling himself quicky like a spicy gherkin is Jourdan Rajwan, Director of CSBF Capital Partners

I could write about how I’m genuinely lucky to go to work every day and really enjoy, even love!, what I do and the real sense of satisfaction in being involved in getting a deal over the line for clients…” Jourdan begins

However if you ask me what I love about my work I do work with my wife and therefore if I said anything else I may be in the dog house…”, he quickly corrects.

Good save Rajwan. Good save.

Handmade with love

We all have different love languages. For CFO at Hope Capital Kate Cowan, it’s all about handcrafting something perfect.

What sets the bridging finance market apart is its ability to offer customised solutions, addressing each borrower’s unique needs and circumstances”, Kate elaborates.

We’re not bound to restrictive loan conditions like other traditional lenders are, for example, we consider all credit ratings”.

We imagine a Valentine’s card from Kate would probably be handmade to perfection, filled with insider jokes.

Skyrocketing sensations

When we asked Chris Little, Chief Revenue Officer of Finova what he loved about bridging finance, we got a full list back! It was practically a love song. We took the final verse but rest assured… there is plenty more!

…The most attractive aspect of a bridging loan is its potential to deliver a real financial boost”, Chris concluded.

“When the loan is correctly used, the user can stand to generate some serious profits when the property’s refurbishment is complete, and there’s always a chance that the property value could skyrocket!

Anyone else imagining Chris singing this with an acoustic guitar under a rose-covered balcony?

Love, love and more love!

As refreshing as a bunch of flowers, our next loan lover is Michael Primrose, Managing Director of The Property Finance Collective  “I love the creativity that is unlocked when using Bridging Finance”, Micheal explains. “I love that I can break through so many misconceptions around bridging and so many myths”.

“There are so many people that see Bridging Finance as too expensive, and they have such a limited outlook on it. To be able to take these clients on board, re-educate them and introduce them to so many creative ways of financing property, is such a joy for me”.

“From Below-Market-Value purchases, to Title Splitting, to Option Agreements. Bringing an education to these strategies, is what I love about Bridging Finance!”. Yes Michael! Shout it from the rooftops, you jammy love-struck lender!

No more loanely hearts…

The only thing we love more than bridging loans, are the beautiful lenders who create them. Thank you to all the passionate players and good sports in this article. We adore you!

Sealed with a loving kiss,

Bridging Loan Directory x