How do bridging lenders like their gravy…?


christmas jokes

It’s that time of year again! As offices get a festive make-over, and the boozy parties stack-up, we’re here to share our twelve jokes of Christmas.

Whether they make you cringe or chuckle, freak-out or face-palm, we have the biggest, baddest and balmiest witticisms for you.

So, go on. Cosy up with some novelty socks, blare the cheesy music, and grab yourself a hot cocoa, it’s time to dip into these festive funnies.

What does Santa use when he can’t afford elves?

Bridging Gnomes!

bridging gnome

How do mortgage providers wrap their presents?

Slowly… With lots of red tape and paperwork


Why did Santa check his list twice?

He couldn’t believe 2023’s interest rates!

surprised santa

Why did the lawyer feel Christmassy?

She’d done a good deed.

dancing lady

Why shouldn’t you invite auctioneers to Christmas parties?

They get hammered!

drunk man

How do bridging lenders like their gravy?

Instant and very liquid!

roast dinner

What’s a bridging lender’s favourite Christmas movie?


home alone

What’s a re-bridging lender’s favourite Christmas movie?

Home-A-Loan 2!

home alone 2

When do bad borrowers go ice skating?

When their funds get frozen.

ice skating

What does Bridging Santa say?

Home? Home? Home?

santa money

What game do lenders enjoy playing after Christmas dinner?


playing cards

What do bridging lenders sing this time of year?

“It will be loaney this Christmas!”

singing christmas

Well, we certainly won’t be lonely this Christmas, because we’ve got a jam-packed directory full of the best lenders in the biz to keep us company.

A huge thank you to our network for the great characters, connections and content over the past twelve months.

We can’t wait to uncover what will happen next in the new year!