12 Bridging Loan Jokes for Christmas


Christmas at work

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some terrible festive jokes. With this in mind, I have decided to risk my entire career as a serious financial journalist, by penning some truly awful Christmas gags.

Get ready to cringe, here are the Twelve Bridging Loan Jokes of Christmas!

What do you call a solo bridging lender?


A loan ranger

man on horse

Did you hear about the tightrope walker who defaulted on her loan?


She had outstanding balance

What does Elvis say to seduce bridging lenders?

“…Are you loansome tonight…?”


There’s a bridging lender who never collects on repayments, he’s called Grant.

What do lenders shout at nightclubs?

“Drop the base rate!”

Bridging lenders are way better at speed dating than mortgage providers. They get a lot more short-term interest.

What do bridging lenders bring to the party?

Balloon payments!


 Why do new borrowers have such shaky legs?

They must comply with monthly standing orders 


 Why do bridging lenders make the best bosses?

They always share the credit


Fed up with being haunted by Christmas ghosts, Scrooge decided to visit his property lender to move house. After looking through the financials, the lender shook his head and replied, “it will only get repossessed”.

haunted house

 What do you call someone who bangs on about interest rates at dinner?



*Yawn* Zzzz….

bored lady

How do sinners approach mortgage providers?

They come seeking redemption


…Still with us?

Thank you for staying on top of all the bridging loan trends and content with us this year.  From everyone at Bridging Loan Directory, we wish you all the best of the season and a wonderful 2023!