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It is easy to make something more complex, as the saying goes, what’s hard is to make it simpler. On a related note, if you can’t explain it, you don’t really know it. Lorenzo Satchell, key account manager at lender Together, has mastered both these things, according to two separate sources no less, while staying married for 22 years, maintaining prowess as a fitness inspiration, and being the “best dressed in bridging”. Is there anything this man can’t do? It‘s verging on annoying.

Finance has a way of explaining things that sucks the life and joy out of them. Satchell is described as having “excellent internal and external stakeholder management” which is “evident by brokers consistently commenting on how successful he is communicating complex deals with head office staff, solicitors and valuers”. What that means is he manages to get things done while, or perhaps because, he talks to people like actual humans, an astonishingly rare combination in the modern corporate world.

Keeping clients happy comes with fairly immediate incentives. Taking the time and energy to help cultivate your profession by passing on hard won wisdom is a longer term investment few are so willing to make. Yet Satchell is also a key mentor for new starters at Together, which he volunteered for as part of playing his part in the business and the industry. The reason Satchell was nominated twice as a BLD Diamond is because whenever an opportunity arises to give back in some way, he grabs it with both hands, combining his ability to easily speak with not just to people, with a genuine desire to do so.

“One of Lorenzo’s greatest skills is his ability to train and educate brokers particularly those new to specialist lending,” says Sundeep Patel, director of sales at Together, “he has a knack of making the complex seem simple, is always the first to volunteer for presentations and broker events, his passion is evident by his work ethic and commitment to our broker panel”.

It is one thing putting yourself forward for something, it is quite another performing it well. But according to Mark Fry, managing director at broker CSC Loans, Satchell’s desire to ensure everyone he speaks to has a clear understanding of the Together portfolio of products translates into useful, practical, time well-spent.

“He regularly hosts bite-size zoom meetings to focus on a particular subject like income or valuations, and these meetings are far more beneficial than an hour long drawn out presentation that some other lenders prefer,” says Fry. If CSC Loans needs some training at short notice, Satchell will always make himself available within 24 hours to assist, Fry adds: “He will ensure we have 100% understanding of the topic before closing down. My overall feeling of Lorenzo is his total commitment and passion towards our industry.” Lucky indeed is the employer who has staff like Satchell (who has been with Together for 10 years) are able to serve as walking, talking billboards for their high standard of customer service and competence.

Outside of work these ethics extend into Satchell’s personal time. A fitness fanatic, he spends his spare time on all aspects of training, from weights, circuits, running, and boxing to CrossFit, and during the first lockdown he decided to run two marathons in a week, completing both Berlin and New York. He also decided to post videos of his training sessions for people to stay healthy and fit during the lockdown for the well-being of staff and brokers (though it is not entirely clear whether they saw it that way). It’s not all testosterone fuelled reps though, thankfully – currently his favourite box set is The Crown, because who doesn’t love a period drama?