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The term role model is bandied around quite easily these days. Most often it is linked to a famous face, with the reach of millions via twitter and instagram. But this is a very remote reverence. Much quieter, but arguably more important, are the everyday role models we sometimes, if we’re lucky, get to sit beside in the office and learn from by much more relatable examples. Role models like Allegra Penny at Funding 365. In the words of the firm’s female underwriters: Allegra has been a huge inspiration to me since joining Funding 365; she’s very, very easy to talk to; she’s always happy to jump on a case to help me out; she sets an incredible example to me in her professional and high quality work; a big reason that I have more confidence is Allegra’s feedback and watching her work.

This last comment in particular stands out. Allegra doesn’t just come into work each day and do her best. In a world overpopulated by people trying to tear each other down she strives to raise up those around her, especially other women. As the first female hire under Funding 365’s graduate recruitment scheme, Allegra could have made a not unreasonable calculation that it would be better to be a shining exception. Instead she has been an inspiration and champion for those women who have followed her, particularly significant in a still-male dominated industry such as bridging. You can’t put a price on the value of mentoring, but there remains a lingering sense that in business nice people finish last, that you can be hard nosed and successful or sympathetic and giving but you can’t be both. Allegra disavows this outdated view.  Her efforts in 2020 helped Funding 365 receive £2billion of enquiries from over 300 brokerages across multiple products, demonstrating not only her hardworking, can-do attitude but also how natural she is at developing and nurturing relationships, and how that translates directly to deals done.

Explaining what drives her, Allegra says: “I really enjoy getting to know people and finding out what motivates them, and the role of relationship manager perfectly combines my personality and property interests.” This sweet spot of talents has, clearly, propelled her company and those around her to achieve greater things, and has also turbo charged her own career. Allegra has emerged with these accolades having only been in the industry for four years, and progressed from sales and marketing executive to relationship manager at Funding 365 within just six months of joining the firm. And she remains ambitious for more.

As well as planning to keep expanding her industry knowledge and building her relationships to drive the growth of Funding 365, Allegra intends to increase her involvement in hiring, training and leading a team, in order to continue helping develop and progress younger team members’ careers. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, according to her colleagues Allegra’s stand out star quality is her positive energy, meeting every suggestion, request and brief put to her with enthusiasm and passion. Senior management, keen to encourage team members to carve out their own future roles at Funding 365, say the sky really is the limit at the lender for Allegra.