Relationship Management with Avamore Capital



It has been just over one month since I was appointed as Avamore Capital’s Loan Servicing Manager. Coming from a large mortgage lender; I was excited to join a small, professional and approachable team who values innovation and leadership. Avamore Capital are market leaders when it comes to their relationship management and commit to growing as a business, it is my role within the company to focus on building these strong relationships and ensure that we provide the best possible post-completion service to our customers.

Avamore Capital is a fast paced and ambitious company and it’s safe to say that in these last 4 weeks I have learnt a huge amount! In this short time, I am pleased to have already built up a strong rapport with our borrowers, assisting them with development drawdowns as well as any general queries.

A particular highlight throughout this last month, has been visiting Avamore’s development sites around Bristol, London and Buckinghamshire. I love working with the team in the office however being able to visit our developments on site and see how much hard work our borrowers are putting into their projects is brilliant. And really brings the true value of Avamore service and what we enable to life. I look forward to seeing the final results of all these developments further down the line!

As Loan Servicing Manager, I am focused on managing the relationship between Avamore as a lender and each and every client we work with, this is part of Avamore’s unique lending structure and something, which I think distinguishes Avamore from many other lenders. Over the coming months I am determined to utilise my existing skills and knowledge to create the most efficient service for borrowers and I am excited to be involved in driving the business forward.

It has been great to work closely with the team and our customers in this first month and learn about this unique property lending company and how I can bring my skills to develop its key values and offering further. I look forward to the developing the opportunities that lie ahead with Avamore Capital and growing the business for them and our borrowers.

Chloe Stidston-Lewis, pictured, Loan Servicing Manager, Avamore Capital