MFS launches industry first property development initiative


MFS today launches FlipFinance2017 – a £20 million funding drive to support the aspirations of budding UK property investors and landlords in need of fast access to capital to act upon their short-term investment plans. Running until June 2018, the initiative will serve a generation of first and second-time property investors in completing refurbishment and restoration projects that will form the foundations of tomorrow’s property portfolios.

After finding 30% of UK investors are turning to property over the next 24 months, MFS launched the dedicated funding drive to enable investors to act on this sentiment, catalysing further movement across the probate, auction, refurbishment and restoration segments of the nation’s dynamic property market.

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Almost a year on since the EU referendum announcement, the UK property market has demonstrated remarkable strength, defying speculation of a decline in housing demand. Recent industry data has demonstrated that the average asking price for a UK residential property has now reached a record high of £317,281.

Despite this, an estimated 1.4 million residential properties currently lie uninhabited across the UK – the highest level it has been for 20 years. In response, FlipFinance2017 funding will be made available in the form of bridging loans ranging from £100,000 to £1 million, subject to review by MFS’ in-house credit analysis and due diligence processes.

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With the UK demand for residential properties outweighing supply, FlipFinance2017 is a timely initiative that will help catalyse the property market and ensure investors can act take advantage of the short-term property opportunities on offer.

Paresh Raja, pictured, CEO, MFS commented:

“By giving opportunities and increasing awareness to budding property investors to have access to Bridging in a more simple and transparent  way not only assists the growth and movement of properties in the market but gives a positive outlook for Bridging which I strongly believe can assist businesses to grow and develop. And take advantage of short term property opportunities!!”

To find out more about FlipFinance2017, or to learn how our bridging finance solutions can support your property investment strategy, speak to a member of the MFS team today on 020 7060 1234.