Fundkeet unveils tech solution to unblock the finance barrier


Guelane Mansour fundkeet (1)

Tackling the prevalent inefficiencies in the UK’s commercial real estate finance sector, fundkeet’s innovative digital solution launches today. fundkeet offers a unique approach that combines community input, data-driven insights and streamlined processes.

This potent combination allows us to address industry bottlenecks more effectively, leading to improved access to finance for SMEs, greater funding certainty and enhanced speed of execution.

Developed by industry experts and an advisory board with a deep understanding of both borrowers and lenders’ perspectives, fundkeet provides property finance professionals with powerful analytics, a streamlined deal assessment system and an algorithm that sources the best lenders.

Further enhancing the offering, the software expedites decision-making through an automated deal memo and offers a dedicated and collaborative dashboard for managing deals and tracking progress.

fundkeet CEO and co-founder, Guelane Mansour, commented:

“Our primary goal is to deliver fast and cost-effective finance solutions, democratise access to information and streamline processes.

By leveraging data-insights and community contribution, we believe fundkeet can help clients cut through the noise, stay in control and achieve their financial objectives.”

Board advisor, Maria Harris, added:

“We’ve seen this technology and digital thinking applied to residential and specialist lending with hugely positive impacts on the user experience of consumers, intermediaries, and lenders; so, I am delighted to see fundkeet launching a solution in the commercial property sector.

It’s an exciting time with collaboration, data, and innovation transforming services across many areas so we need to ensure our commercial market has access to its own digital future.”