Downing Property Finance unveils sustainability-driven developer rebates


Parik Chandra

Downing Property Finance, bolstered by securing £75 million in sustainable funding support from HSBC, is pleased to introduce sustainability-linked loans tailored for property developers.

This specialised loan product places a strong emphasis on rewarding developers who champion more sustainable building practices.

Eligible development loans will unlock interest rebates, ranging from 25 basis points to 100 basis points on drawn funds.

The Downing team will collaborate closely with developers from the outset, conducting a transparent assessment grounded in vital sustainability criteria.

These factors encompass waste and water management, embodied and operational carbon reduction, and energy efficiency.

Transparency remains paramount throughout the process, as Downing actively engages with developers to identify areas of enhancement that will lead to increased rebates.

Upon the project’s practical completion, an independent specialist will assess compliance with sustainability objectives, ensuring accountability and transparency in the implementation.

Parik Chandra, Partner and Head of Specialist Lending at Downing LLP, said:

“We firmly believe that our sustainable loan product represents one of the most compelling incentives driving sustainable innovation within the construction industry.

Furthermore, it aligns with the evolving preferences of end buyers who increasingly prioritise energy efficiency in residential schemes.

Downing Property Finance takes pride in delivering this initiative, empowering property developers to embrace sustainability, reduce environmental impact, and create appealing, energy-efficient residential projects that cater to the discerning preferences of today’s homebuyers”.