Avamore launches time saving loan calculator



Avamore Capital has launched a new development and bridging loan calculator designed to empower brokers and enable them to generate instant indicative terms for time-pressed clients.

Avamore says that the calculator operates on the same model its internal team currently uses to manually generate terms. It says that by building a route for brokers to directly input their own information, it will allow them to adjust figures, create multiple options for the client and gives instant downloadable results.

Crucially it cuts out the time spent usually waiting for terms to be returned from a lender.

“In a time where customer service is paramount, being able to give a quick and certain answer to the developer acts as a huge benefit in the route to securing business,” the group says. “The calculator has been designed to a high specification so that it can be the go-to tool in the broker’s kit.”

Further benefits, the group adds, include the option to download unbranded terms – meaning the broker can maintain complete control over the client – and detailed error information to guide user input for terms which Avamore will be able to progress.

It also promises to enhance the lender-broker relationship, making interaction between parties easier, speeding up the process and ensuring minimal friction points.

“This introduction signifies our commitment to investing in technology in an effort to streamline the lending journey,” Avamore said.

Indeed, plans are already underway to build an end-to-end loan servicing platform which will, in turn create broker and developer portals for deal and loan tracking.

Sabinder Robinson-Sandhu, Head of Operations and Marketing commented:

“This is a hugely exciting step for the Avamore team. We have discussed launching a calculator for some time but wanted to ensure that whatever we introduced to the market was completely accurate, user friendly and created a high-quality user experience.

Naturally, no tool can ever replace a lender to broker conversation but our aim with the calculator is to empower the broker to sense check the deal, secure the client’s interest and then collectively, we will be in a strong position to move the deal ahead as quickly as possible.

We look forward to receiving more feedback from the market and later bringing to life changes planned for further down the track at Avamore.”

Avamore stressed that its new technology will not detract from its traditional customer centric approach.

In addition to the investment in IT infrastructure, Avamore has recently made hires across all departments – including a rapid scale up in the Internal Sales team – “highlighting that any change is always underpinned by an expert team ready to service the market”.

Collectively it said that these factors will help it reach its ambitious growth targets for 2022 and beyond.