Atelier launches borrower dashboard for property developers



Development lender Atelier has launched a secure platform that enables borrowers to view and manage their loan whenever and wherever they wish.

The technology gives Atelier’s borrowers a real-time dashboard which shows at a glance all the key information about their facility, including the current balance, how much of their principal they’ve drawn down, their interest costs and when the loan is due to mature.

The securely encrypted platform is accessed via Atelier’s new look website, and is optimised for all devices, meaning developers can log in to their account from the office, on the go or out on site, with a smartphone.

Borrowers can also use the web-based platform to control – not just view – their loan facility. The technology enables developers who have a multidraw facility to request additional drawdowns, helping them to manage project cash-flow at the touch of a button. It can also be used to request a detailed account or redemption statement.

The dashboard is a central part of Atelier’s new look website and streamlined brand identity.

Launched in January 2020 as Atelier Capital Partners, the lender has already provided circa £200m of development and bridge finance to property professionals and developers.

It has grown rapidly, taking on 25 staff and moving from its original base in the City to a larger, lighter and highly energy efficient office in London’s Fitzrovia.

Atelier is currently on track to reach £300m of lending to Britain’s resurgent real estate sector by the end of 2022.


Simon Dawson, Head of Technology at Atelier, commented:

“Atelier’s motto is ‘better property finance, by design’ and this idea underpins not just the way we tailor our loans to suit each and every borrower – but also the way our borrowers interact with us.

Our secure borrower portal gives developers instant access to the information that matters most about their funding, whether they’re at their desk or in the thick of it on site.

It also puts them firmly in control of their loan facility, allowing them to get a detailed statement or request additional drawdowns as their project progresses.

This level of visibility and control is almost unheard of in the development finance space, but we feel it’s fundamental to our high-touch relationships with our borrowers.

At Atelier we aim to be partners, not just lenders, to the developers we work with – and this means providing finance that’s perfectly attuned to their needs as well as seamless digital tools that allow them to control their loan facility whenever and wherever they need.”