Affirmative release beginners guide to development finance


Affirmative lend a helping hand to aspiring and growing property developers alike with the release of their beginners guide to development finance.

As a property developer, it is often difficult to find an unbiased source that will help to fully explain everything involved with obtaining and utilising development finance so following the positive feedback from Affirmative’s ‘Beginners Guide to Bridging Finance’ a new 12 page guide has been put together to both help property developers understand the benefits of development finance and ensure they are confident with everything involved in the process. The guide also aims to show potential customers that development finance can be utilised for several different purposes and is not solely aimed at large scale developers. Development Finance has been obtained from Affirmative for purposes ranging from the build of an apartment block to be rented out for business purposes, to loft conversions and house extensions for personal use.

As experienced property developers know, time is a crucial element in the majority of developments. Affirmative’s guide explains in full why sourcing finance from an alternative lender is quicker and easier than going through a bank and it also breaks down the application process to ensure that new customers are aware of exactly what will be required to help keep the deal moving as fast as possible. Following this, customers can get a detailed explanation of how staged releases of funds help to minimise risk and keep structure to the timeline of the development.

Gary Lederberg, Director of Affirmative said:

“We initially created and launched a Bridging Finance Whitepaper. The response to that Whitepaper from our brokers and intermediaries was fantastic, and we were asked whether we could carry on the theme with Development Finance.  Absolutely. The Development Finance Whitepaper is there to assist beginners, brokers, intermediaries and seasoned developers. Something for everybody. If anyone has any ideas on what they want us to do next feel free to let us know. Education is most certainly one of the key components to the growth of our financial services industry”.

Affirmative’s development finance guide can be utilised by both new and experienced property developers and includes a case study to show how it all comes together in practice. The guide can be found on Affirmative’s website located in the resources section which also includes the forms and details mentioned in the guide itself.