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Skybridge Lending

Bridging Loans from £26,000 to £2,000,000

Skybridge Lending provides lightning fast bridging loans up to £2m helping clients take advantage of their next opportunity.

We’re nimble, acting fast at every pinch point to secure funding for even the most challenging loan situations.

Complex property transactions are our everyday. Our specialist bridging loans team, capable of handling complex loan structures, deliver custom short-term finance solutions based on your, or your clients, individual set of circumstances.

Zero red tape

We know what it’s like to spot an opportunity that very few others notice, and even fewer are brave enough to take advantage of. It’s what drives you and its what drives us. We are also aware of how quickly that window of opportunity closes. Slow lending kills deals.

Skybridge was founded to disrupt the ever-changing bridging underwriting process. We’re a group of seasoned property lenders and business owners who make decisions and also deploy funds when they’re needed fast.

Can do, will do – done.

We are a principal lender specialising in property & business bridging finance throughout the UK including Northern Ireland.

Located in London & the Southwest we have over 60+ years of combined experience in the bridging loans arena that ensures we get the deal done. We are a specialist and agile property finance lender who take a flexible and pragmatic approach to each and every case.

Our bridging solutions

Working with brokers and borrowers we offer 1st and 2nd charge bridging loans secured against residential investment property, commercial property and land, including agricultural and farming.

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Bridging Loans from £26,000 to £2,000,000

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