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Our open-minded approach to commercial bridging finance often enables us to offer your clients a funding solution when other lenders cannot help.

“We didn’t want to refinance our existing commercial property with a bank on a minimum 2-year tie in, so Proplend’s speed and flexibility was the selling point. Initial contact was easy and positive. Their tailored bridging offer within hours made this an easy decision.”

Jonathan, Birkenhead, Proplend Borrower

We pride ourselves on working hard to accommodate a wide and increasing range of commercial property funding circumstances. Our comprehensive and flexible underwriting enables us to find a security ‘package’ that achieves an appropriate level of confidence and return for our Lenders – even when all the traditional boxes may not be ticked.

“There really aren’t many lenders who can understand and turn around deals like this within such a tight timeframe”

Gitesh Patel, PIA Financial Group, Commercial Property Broker

If you haven’t spoken to us before, we invite you to contact us about any current and future borrowing requirements – or even try us out with that ‘difficult’ refinance or purchase that’s been on your desk a while. We can now facilitate funding for personal owners of commercial property, as well as larger loans between £5m and £15m, so we hope it’s well worth catching up with us even if you have spoken to us before.

We’ve funded over £60m commercial property lending across England and Wales on an interest only basis, at up to 75% LTV (gross). We hope you come to know us as simply, worth giving a call.

“I’d definitely recommend the platform to other borrowers”

Marc, Southampton, Proplend Borrower


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