Lights, Camera, Action, MS Lending Group funds £1.4m film studio loan


west london film studio

MS Lending Group has successfully funded a £1.4m loan against a prominent film studio in West London.

The broker contacted the lender for an immediate bridge, raising money against the film studio to use for business purposes.

Due to speed being the essence, and an LTV of less than 10%, MS Lending Group were provided with a historic valuation which they were able to review and audit internally, removing the requirement for a new valuation.

The bridging loan was funded in less than a week from enquiry, providing the borrower with the capital they required to move forward with their business plans.

Nathan Ellis Calcott, PropCap Consultancy, said:

“The MS Lending Group team delivered under the tightest of deadlines.

Arguably the fastest completion of my career. As a business we were so impressed by the collaborative effort shown by MS Lending Group to get this deal over the line in time, and still can’t quite believe we completed this in 4 working days!”

Rob Goodall, Managing Director, MS Lending Group, said:

“Circumstances meant a valuation would have taken too long and the funds were required imminently.

Our internal resources and collective expertise allowed us to streamline the process and make the funding possible given the time frame.

We are really pleased to have been able to help our client efficiently.”