Hope Capital completes legal work on £2.25m bridging loan within hours



Hope Capital, with the help of other parties, recently worked collaboratively to secure a £2.25m bridging loan for a client who owned a residential terraced property in Camden, London and needed access to fast finance for business investment purposes.

The specialist short-term lender teamed up with UK Property Finance, Freeths and the client’s solicitor to find a solution. As time was of the essence, all the parties involved worked exceptionally hard to speed the process up.

However, one of the most notable achievements was that the legal works were completed within hours. Due to the value of the bridging loan needed, to complete legal works so quickly, is a true testament of the exceptional service and collaborative effort from each professional involved, to ensure this could be accomplished.

Owing to the excellent working relationship developed between all the parties involved and due to the knowledge, expertise and support from each of the professionals, the client was extremely happy with the service provided and to be in a position where they could continue their investment plans.

Lisa Gamlin, Sales Advisor at UK Property Finance, said:

“The client was delighted that we made this happen. With all bridging finance cases, consistent communication and teamwork is key, to ensure a solution can be delivered.

As always, it was a pleasure working alongside Hope Capital and I look forward to working with the team again in the future.”

Sian Taylor, Processing Executive at UK Property Finance, commented:

“Working alongside the team at Hope Capital was a joy, they were very efficient and worked quickly to resolve any issues that arose during the process.

The client wanted fast finance and that is exactly what was delivered by the team at Hope Capital and everyone else involved.

The smooth process delivered by Hope Capital was a relief to the client and for the processing team at UK Property Finance.”

Luke Hopkins, Partner at Freeths, added:

“It is always a good experience working with the team at Hope Capital.

This was a complicated deal, which revealed a number of challenges, but with all the parties involved working collaboratively, we were able to find an appropriate solution for the client.

I always feel extremely confident working with Hope Capital that we can progress any loan we deal with rapidly and this case was no exception.”

Gary Bailey, Managing Director of Hope Capital, commented:

“We were delighted to have helped the client find a solution and to show once again, the value of having a strong relationship established between the lender, broker, solicitors and surveyors involved.”