Holme Finance Bridging Solutions provides bridging loan in one day


cashflow loan

One day is all it took for Holme Finance Bridging Solutions to help a client in need of a £50,000 bridging loan to release business cash-flow issues.

Approached by a broker and introduced to the client Friday afternoon HFBS collated the offer pack that day. Receipt of the offer pack was confirmed Monday morning followed by agreement to proceed with the client happy with the terms.

The client had come up against minor cash-flow issues requiring the £50,000 loan for staff wages.

HFBS secured the loan by way of a second legal charge on the client’s home address.

Using a desktop automated valuation of around £500,000, with a mortgage balance of just £60,000, the equity provided significant security to move ahead with the funding.

Dan Yendall-Collings, Senior Underwriter at HFBS says:

“Fortunately the client was only an hour away so we were able to meet face-to-face at the home address to complete the paperwork.

Happy to proceed we released the funds Monday afternoon, exactly one working day to complete from initial enquiry on the previous Friday afternoon.”